Tips to improve your fashion sketches

Tips to improve your fashion sketches

Tips to improve your fashion sketches

To be a stylist you need study, technique and training. It’s not an easy task as, often, those with the most original ideas find big obstacles in the way. One of these obstacles is linked to the design of the pieces. How to reproduce a pattern, texture or appearance of a fabric through a design?

The fashion sketches, nowadays, are true works of art. Because of that, studying drawing is an essential requirement for anyone who wants to make a name for themselves in the fashion world. In addition, there are also small tips that can be useful for those who would like to improve their skills in illustrating the uniqueness of each piece.


Before you start drawing, it’s helpful to think about what the model’s pose will be in the drawing. To create a good composition, think that your model should have the pose that best suits the style of clothes and shoes you are going to create. For example, a more romantic pose might be suitable for a look with a light fabric dress and ballet flats. However, the most important thing to consider in the pose is that it allows maximum visualization of the main details of the footwear and clothing.


Once you’ve sketched the model’s anatomy, it’s time to start designing the clothes and shoes! Remember that this is the most important part of your work, so bet on bold designs, with dark lines and more attention-grabbing than those used to draw the model. The more realistic the finish of clothes and shoes on the body, the better.


It is important to emphasize that your drawing must not be able to illustrate just one style, it must be visible in it which materials were used to create the composition. Fabric, leather and plastic, for example, look different and this should be made clear in the sketch. To create that look, don’t hesitate to draw all the creases, creases, and creases the material would actually have.


Plain pieces are usually easier to draw, but who can resist a pretty print? If you are thinking of using a patterned fabric, it is important to design the pattern of the pattern as closely as possible. In addition, you must always pay attention to pieces with pleats, as these usually require changes in the pattern of the pattern on each part of the fabric.


Colors make all the difference in a piece and it is important that they are in the sketch as well. You can choose the technique that works best for the painting, but be sure to highlight the necessary folds and contours with black paint. Another detail that should be noted is the shading of the pieces, always opting to color the areas that receive more light in lighter tones.

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