The most pumped men’s country duos today !!

Today's hottest male backcountry duos/ João Bosco and Vinicius

The most pumped men’s country duos today !!

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Who doesn’t remember successes like “It’s love”, “Think of me” or “I’m in love”? Which Brazilian doesn’t know the lyrics of “Evidências” by heart and hasn’t sung the song “I slept in the square” until he lost his voice? Leandro and Leonardo, João Paulo and Daniel, Chitãozinho and Xororó are just some of the biggest names masculine country duos more pumped of the present time.

The Sertanejo musical style, without a doubt, is one of the musical styles that are more successful in the country until today. Since the 80s, when the rhythm gained space throughout Brazil, this musical genre has never left the charts.

Thus, over time the style has undergone some changes and new duos have emerged, always giving a new face to the genre, but without ever losing its roots.

So, see now who are the 9 main country male duos most pumped in Brazil in recent times.

1. João Bosco and Vinicius

This list of the most pumped up country men’s duos today couldn’t fail to start with the duo they say are responsible for inaugurating the Sertanejo Universitário in the country.

João Bosco and Vinicius were very successful thanks to the song “Chora Me Liga”, one of the most successful songs of the genre and that marked the new generation of country music in Brazil.

The song’s success was so great that it crossed borders and was recorded in countries like Chile, Colombia, Argentina and the Dominican Republic.

In 2010, the song was the best-selling song on digital platforms, which earned the duo the victory at the Latin Grammy the following year with the Best Country Music Album.

Today's hottest male backcountry duos/ João Bosco and Vinicius Photo: Pinterest

2. Jorge and Matheus

Year in and year out and even with more and more male country duos appearing in the market, Jorge and Matheus duo continues to be one of the most pumped and famous in the country.

Together since 2005, the Goiás are one of the first duos of the university sertanejo style and have already scored several songs in the main hit charts.

With hits like “Cheirosa” and “Tijolão”, Jorge and Matheus have sold more than 6 million copies throughout Brazil.

The most pumped male backcountry duos of the present time/ Jorge and MatheusPhoto: Pinterest

3. Fernando and Sorocaba

Fernando Zorzanello ( Fernando) and Fernando Fakri ( Sorocaba) met in a bar in Londrina in 2005 and the following year the duo “Fernando e Sorocaba” was born.

Since then, the duo has a total of 11 CD’s and 08 DVD’S.

The duo’s first work was the CD and DVD “Bala de Prata AO VIVO”, which sold over 50 thousand copies across the country.

Fernando e SorocabaReproduction: Pinterest

4.César Menotti and Fabiano

César Menotti and Fabiano started their career in 2001, singing in bars in the city of Belo Horizonte. So, just 4 years later, the duo released their first CD and DVD, “Palavras de Amor”.

Since then, they’ve released hit after hit and haven’t left the music charts anymore.

Songs such as “Não Era Eu”, “Caso Marcado”, “Como um Anjo” and “Leilão” are part of the duo’s successful repertoire.

Today's hottest male backcountry duos/ César Menotti and FabianoPhoto: Pinterest

5.Munhoz and Mariano

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Munhoz and Mariano own one of the greatest anthems of the university sertanejo in the country; the song “Camaro Amarelo”.

It was this song that made the duo famous and won the award for best song of the year in 2012, on Rede Globo’s “Melhores do Ano” program.

They started their musical career in 2008 singing in bars and even gas stations while working and studying.

munhoz and MarianReproduction: Pinterest

6.Henrique and Juliano

With more than 10 years of career, the duo Henrique and Juliano stands out in the country music market due to their originality.

After all, unlike most of their professional colleagues, the duo does not simulate the timbre or the tone of voice of others. In addition, the costumes they wear in their shows are also far from reminiscent of that old classic country duo style.

Songs such as “Provisional Freedom”, “Vidinha de ballad”, “Quem pega, pega” among others, the duo’s songs are always among the main hits.

Henry and JulianoPhoto: Pinterest

7. Ze Neto and Cristiano

Zé Neto and Cristiano from São Paulo are great friends and passionate about music since childhood. However, it was in 2011 that the friends decided to get together and create a country duo.

Among his most successful songs are “Alô, Ambev”, “Played as Traces” and “Barzinho Random”.

The most pumped male country duos of the present time/ Zé Neto and CristianoPhoto: Pinterest

8. João grandson and Frederico

For João Neto and Frederico, success took a long time to arrive, but when it did, it even came with the right to the theme music of a global soap opera.

The brothers from Goiás started their career in 1991 and released their first DVD in 1998. However, their success only came in 2008 with the DVD “João Neto e Frederico- LIVE”.

The song “Lê Lê Lê” was the theme of the “employers” in the soap opera “Cheias de Charme”. The music’s success in the telenovela was so great that actresses Leandra Leal, Taís Araújo and Isabelle Drummond made a special appearance in a concert by the duo in Recife.

Joao Neto and FredericoReproduction: Pinterest

9. Marcos and Belutti

Sponsored by nobody else, none other than Bruno, from the duo Bruno and Marrone and Edson, from the duo Edson and Hudson, Marcos and Belutti started their career in 2007.

With big godfathers like these, the duo’s fate could be none other than success.

So, with 11 years of career, they already have a total of 8 CD’s and 5 DVD’s released so far.

The most pumped male backcountry duos of the present time/ Marcos and BeluttiPhoto: Pinterest

Anyway, these are the most pumped male country duos today for you to enjoy the best of the style’s music.

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