The hairs that were fashionable in 2022 and that continue to be the trend for 2021

Dua Lipa and blonde and black bicolor hair

The hairs that were fashionable in 2020 and that continue to be the trend for 2021


In 2020, experimenting with hair was not just a wish of many people, but a necessity. With the salons closed for months, many people decided to take a risk with scissors and cut their own bangs, try a new color or even make layers in a makeshift mullet. The colored front streaks, which made bicolor hair come back into fashion, were a fever on Instagram and have everything to remain on the radar of people who like to be daring next year. Check out what was fashionable this year below and get inspired with ideas for haircuts for 2021. After all, if everything works out, next year we will have a vaccine and we will want to show, beyond the screen, the discoveries we made with our own threads.

bicolor hair

Dua Lipa and blonde and black bicolor hair

Dua Lipa bet on blonde and black bicolor hair

Reproduction @dualipa

Well, the trends of the 2000s are back with a vengeance. While the fashion circuit still looks crooked towards the low waist, the thick and discolored strands of dark hair won the position of hair trend of the year. Although this movement has been happening for a while, the key turned completely when singer Dua Lipa first appeared with the half-bleached and half-black threads created by the colorist
Nicola Clarke. In the singer’s case, the blonde was on top of her head, while the underside of the locks was kept black – a classic allusion to styles that were fashionable twenty years ago. KEEP READING…

The return of mullets

Barbie Ferreira is a fan of fines

The mullet of actress Barbie Ferreira comes modern and colorful.

Reproduction @barbieferreira

2020 started with strong buzz about the return of mullet – fever of the 1980s and 1990s. All it took was Rihanna to appear with the look in the Savage X Fenty show (broadcast by Amazon Prime Video), for the trend to be confirmed. The look, marked by the short front and sides of the hair and the longer back, also gained strength with fans like Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish, Maisie Williams and the American-Brazilian Barbie Ferreira.

The millennial version of the retro look appears updated and cool – and goes far from the idea of ​​caricature for a long time attributed to the cut. If in the 1980s the shapes were more rigid, in 2020 the highlight is the lightness. “The new mullet appears with a lot of texture and internal layers, which creates this modern and disconnected effect”, says hairstylist Vinicius Kevin, from Retro Hair, in São Paulo. KEEP READING…

Shaved and multicolored hair

Yasmin Monteiro, from our open casting, wore her multicolored shaved hair in the video I Will Survive.

Photo by Camila Cornelsen

Vibrant colors, graffiti writing, geometric patterns and psychedelic squiggles have taken over the realm of bleached strands this year that, for so long, was the sure bet of those with shaved hair and wanting to get out of the basics. In recent years, we have followed a strong movement of great hair colorists saying goodbye to platinum and diving into a myriad of colors in their palettes.

“Hair is a support like any other”, he argues Brazilian beauty artist Dindi Hojah. “There are those who use a canvas, those who design clothes, those who paint a wall… We can always create new interfaces to give vent to creativity.” A pioneer in multicolor buzzcut, he started playing with the technique in 2015. At that moment, over the already faded threads of a model, with a decal, he created a leopard print. Three years later, we would see the American rapper Tyler, The Creator with the same hairstyle on the Grammy Red Carpet. But before that, still in 2017, Dindi signed the beauty of a Cotton Project show at São Paulo Fashion Week. There, the artist let go of his hand altogether. Created a psychedelic pattern that made an impact on the runway. Incidentally, it was exactly this technique that stole the attention of Kanye West, who later invited the makeup artist and hairdresser to sign the beauty of his Sunday Service, in Los Angeles. KEEP READING…

Frizzy hair, yes

Solange Knowles is a fan of frizzy yarns.

Solange Knowles is a fan of frizzy yarns.

Photo Getty Images

According to 37-year-old frizzy and curly hair specialist Gabriela Jorge de Oliveira, better known as Gabbi Jorge, frizz is nothing more than a thread lighter than the others. It’s already a point: there is no such thing as frizzy, curly hair. “Our thread has three layers; frizzy and curly hair has a more open cuticular layer and generally has less mass in the composition, so it is tendentious to form more frizz”, explains the trichologist from São Paulo. Excess frizz can mean dryness, lack of mass in the strand or even a vitamin deficiency in the person, but it can also be just a characteristic of the hair. Anyway, the battle against frizz seems to come from a more sensitive place than self-care. KEEP READING…

Balayage for different hair types

Curly hair with balayage.

Balayage gives dimension to the curls that gain more prominence with the technique.

Photo Disclosure Amadeu Marins (David Mallett)

Gone are the days when balayage was just for light, straight and wavy hair! In order to establish itself in the hall of the most beloved colors, it became democratized and, for that very reason, it became much more interesting and powerful. “To work with different hair textures and shades, it is necessary to respect the shape of the strands to generate this lighting according to the cut and the degree of curvature”, explains Amadeu, who has already given workshops on the technique in Lisbon, São Paulo, Porto Alegre and Rio de Janeiro.

“In the frizzy and curly hair, the effect is even more impressive because it creates light and shadow between curly locks without making the strands lose definition or shine”, he defends. Pamela says the redheads are also joining the dance. In their case, the presence of some golden strands goes back to that very fine child’s hair, bleached by the sun. KEEP READING…

How about making up with your gray hair?

Camila Faus, from Shet_alksu200b, is our columnist and white yarn fan.

Camila Faus, from Shet_alks, is our columnist and white yarn fan.

camila faus

Cut, long, braided, dyed, trimmed or brushed, bleached, disheveled, pretty, crossed, dry or wet. But come here, where’s the white hair part?! White hair isn’t about being sloppy, and it’s not about being sloppy either. White hair is a choice and we should all have the chance to make our choices autonomously. The problem is that many times we
he thinks that it is a choice with autonomy and, in fact, there is a whole narrative behind leading us to make a unique kind of choice. KEEP READING…

And finally, the haircuts that promise the most in 2021

Curly hair illustrating the main hair trends for 2020

Top hair trends for 2020

Photo Reproduction Katie Jane Hughes

More than ever, in 2020 many people got to know each other better. With more time at home and unable to circulate in public spaces due to social isolation, our relationship with our appearance ended up changing. the hairdressers
Claudia Fernandes, of Hair & Experience, in Rio de Janeiro, and Jonathan Diniz, of Cube, with units in São Paulo and Porto Alegre, have already noticed among clients who have returned to the salons after the reopening, that this will be reflected a lot in the haircut trends that we will most see around in 2021 – whether on the streets or on Instagram. KEEP READING…

Platform released its studies on behavior for the next year and here we have the highlights for fashion, beauty and decoration.

In such a challenging year, the main search (coronavirus) is not a surprise at all, but it is possible to be surprised by some of the searches that were done in 2020.

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