The difference your store needs to have

The difference your store needs to have

The difference your store needs to have

Nowadays, it is not enough to just have a beautiful store and smart attendants, it is also important to create a strategy to deal with market competition. The competitive edge should be the aspect in which your company
stands out most among the others. When customers choose you over your competitor it’s because you offer exactly what they need, this is the key point of difference, offering what they are looking for and

Just serving customers well is not enough in the business world, you need to offer something more, to stand out, that is, your company needs to always be one step ahead and offer what the consumer needs
they don’t even know that they need it, and mainly they already offer basic things such as good service with qualified professionals who are able to provide a cordial and attentive service.

Therefore, the study of the competition is essential to understand what you can offer the best and different for your consumer, its negative and positive points are also important to study what to improve and
compare with that of its competitors, in order to positively surprise and build customer loyalty. A personalized service, in which you provide ATMs or even applications to facilitate the
purchase and search, also come with key characteristics that will differentiate you from other companies.

It is also necessary to invest in an efficient after-sales where the customer feels heard and can have complaints resolved. Your consumer’s shopping experience is extremely important, because if he buys once, he will always buy! The first purchase is the most important step in loyalty. To do this, invest in knowledgeable, friendly and strategic sellers, as, just like your products, they are the showcase of your store.

Price isn’t the only factor that should be used to get the customer’s attention. There are numerous reasons that influence the act of purchase, such as quality, stock availability, product variety and
benefits for your customer, whether it’s a freebie or a discount.

The idea of ​​personalized gifts is a very efficient strategy for thanking customers for their “preference”. Be creative and think of something that, in addition to being beautiful, is useful and modern for those who bought it. a table decoration
it can be thrown away if it doesn’t match the decor of the room, but a personalized eco bag can make people remember your store whenever they use it and, moreover, conveys an image of interest with causes
environmental, which is very well seen these days. Seeing the competition as an enemy is a big mistake. Watch your competitors so that their mistakes are learning for you and more importantly, make them become your allies. Discover your mistakes and successes and do it differently. Don’t show what people are tired of seeing. Innovate, be original!

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