The 10 best office supplies websites in 2021

The 10 best office supplies websites in 2021

What are the best office supply sites in 2021?

If you are planning to set up your new office, or if you just need office supplies for your business or for yourself, you are probably wondering where to find products that offer good value for money.

Being well equipped contributes to the well-being of employees and also improves performance. Whether you are a small, medium or large company, or an individual, everyone will find a multitude of products adapted to their needs.

In order to save you time in your research, we have selected for you the most popular and appreciated office supply sites in 2021.

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Comparison of the best places to buy office supplies

1- Welcome Office

Welcome Office is one of the largest online office supply stores. Indeed, it offers on its site more than 80,000 products dedicated to office supplies and equipment. Here you will find products such as labels, laminators, pens, diaries, ink cartridges, aggravators, badges, personalized stamps, chairs, desks, cabinets, tables, storage and a multitude of other useful products to make your life at work easier.

Welcome office is one of the best office supplies websites

Whatever product you are looking for for your personal office or business, you will probably find what you need at Welcome Office. You will also find products dedicated to the hygiene and maintenance of your business. On, you will also have the possibility to personalize a multitude of articles for your business. Professional pens, agendas, key chains, stamps and more.

Discover office supplies on Welcome Office

2- JPG

JPG is one of the leaders in the distribution of office supplies for professionals. It is one of the oldest companies, with more than 40 years of experience in the field of office supplies. You will have access to various products, including furniture such as tables, chairs, desks, armchairs, but also computer equipment such as computers, printers, scanners, cartridges, projection equipment and software. , among others.

JPG is one of the best office supplies websites

You’ll also find a dedicated courier and freight forwarding category with useful, quality material for businesses that need to send packages on a regular basis. The JPG site offers nearly 30,000 references, at competitive prices. When it comes to quality, JPG conscientiously selects the best office supplies. In addition, it regularly incorporates the latest innovations and novelties in this field. JPG is intended for both self-employed and small businesses, as well as medium and large businesses.

Discover office supplies on JPG

3- Manutan

Manutan is one of the best places to buy office supplies. The site offers a wide variety of equipment for your business. It brings together more than 200,000 products available on their website. You will find most of the equipment needed to furnish and equip your offices. The products are classified into different categories.

Manutan is one of the best places to buy office supplies

Among the most popular categories are telecommuting, industrial supplies and tools, packaging, safety, hygiene and outdoor spaces. You can also find a large number of products designed to improve working conditions and contribute to the well-being of your employees.

Discover office supplies on Manutan

4- Amazon

Amazon is the world’s most widely used online shopping site. You will find almost every possible product on Amazon, including office supplies. It is certainly one of the best solutions for small budgets. Amazon has a section dedicated to school and office supplies. In addition, promotions are regularly available on the Amazon store. In addition, with Amazon Prime, you will be able to take advantage of the delivery offered on many office supplies.

Amazon is one of the best office supplies sites

The site offers more than 120,000 products such as computers, tablets, smartphones, printers, ink cartridges, labelers, document shredders, pens, pencils, binders, notebooks, paper , storage, calculators, dictaphones, binders, presentation boards, labels, divider tabs, stamps and much more. In addition to office supplies, Amazon offers millions of other products and is part of our ranking of the best online sales sites.

Explore Office Supplies on Amazon

5- Cdiscount

The Cdiscount site is the most popular online store in France. Just like Amazon, it offers a multitude of products in various fields. Among all these areas, you will find a category dedicated to office supplies. Cdiscount offers a selection of items from major brands at low prices. There you will find a large number of office supplies such as binders, pens, ink cartridges, notebooks and a multitude of other small office supplies.

Cdiscount is one of the best office supplies websites

Cdiscount offers office supplies for individuals as well as for professionals. You will also find a large number of inexpensive and quality office furniture. The Cdiscount site regularly offers superb promotions on a large number of equipment and furniture for your premises. Cdiscount fully deserves its place in our ranking of the best sites for buying office supplies.

Discover office supplies on Cdisount

6- Kwebox

The Kwebox site is among the top office supplies suppliers in 2021. It has one of the largest selection of office supplies, offering low prices and high quality. On Kwebox you will find a multitude of office supplies such as stationery, furniture, computer equipment, office equipment, small supplies, protective equipment and accessories for your business and much more.

Kwebox is one of the best office supply websites

The site also offers a category dedicated to mail and shipping, really useful for individuals or professionals who regularly send letters or parcels. Among the multitude of office supplies you will find products such as pens, printer paper, notebooks, diaries, cabinets, chairs, printers, fire extinguishers and thousands more. Kwebox brings together on its site a large number of essential brands in the field of office supplies. You will find brands such as Clairefontaine, Bic, HP, Canon, Dell and many others. You will also find a large number of school supplies at low prices on Kwebox.

Discover office supplies on Kwebox

7- Office Depot

Office DEPOT is one of the largest office supplies sites in France and Europe. You will find on their site a wide range of supplies for your office or business. The site offers more than 10,000 products for furniture and office equipment. Price wise, the Office Depot site is one of the best places to buy cheap office supplies in 2021.

This is because it offers great prices on a large number of products such as printers, desktops, executive chairs, office chairs, diaries, office cabinets and small supplies. In addition, you will find innovative and practical equipment to improve your working conditions. With its wide range of products, Office Depot will certainly be able to meet all of your office supplies and furnishings needs. The Office DEPOT site is open to professionals and individuals.

Explore office supplies at Office Depot

8- Top Office

Top Office is one of the best suppliers of office supplies when it comes to value for money. It offers various products to equip your business and improve working conditions. You will find well thought out and ergonomic products to optimize your premises.

Thousands of products are available such as office furniture, small supplies and computer equipment. You will find popular brands in the field of school and office supplies. Thanks to its wide choice of products and its reliability, Top Office is part of our selection of the best sites to buy office supplies in 2021.

Discover office supplies on Top Office

9- Valley Office

Bureau Vallée is a specialist in office supplies for professionals. you will find more than 7000 references on different materials and equipment for your business. their online store brings together different product themes.

Among the most popular are the following categories: Office and Computing, Filing and Archiving, Stationery and Supplies, to name a few examples. The prices offered by Bureau Vallée are attractive and the quality of the products offered is more than satisfactory.

Discover office supplies on Bureau Vallée

10- Bruneau

Bruneau is one of the oldest suppliers of office supplies in France. In 2021, it is one of the best distributors of office furniture and supplies. The Bruneau store is an effective solution for professionals who wish to furnish their new premises.


Indeed, the Bruneau company has more than 60 years of experience in this field. Its online store has more than 100,000 references. Whether it is office furniture, stationery and small supplies, or even hygiene and food products, you will find everything you need to furnish and equip your business.

Discover office supplies on Bruneau

What’s the best place to buy office supplies in 2021?

There are tons of places to buy office supplies in 2021. We have chosen Welcome Office as the best site for office supplies due to its wide selection, product quality and reliability. Kwebox is probably the ideal solution for professionals who want to set up their office. Individuals can also purchase office supplies from this supplier. However, Amazon may be more beneficial for individuals depending on what you are looking for. This is because Amazon offers low prices on a large number of office and school supplies.

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