The 10 best dating sites in 2021

The 10 best dating sites in 2021

What are the best dating sites in 2021?

These days, dating sites are a great way to meet singles outside of your usual social circle. These sites also make it possible to search for singles near you with the same interests, expectations and more. In 2021 there are a multitude of sites for meeting singles online.

Due to the wide range of choices available, it can be difficult to find the site that best suits your needs. To make it easier for you and to help you find the site that suits you best, we have selected the most popular and popular dating sites for 2021. You will find in our list of sites for serious, casual or friendly dating.

Discover our ranking of the best dating sites in 2021.

Top 10 best dating sites in 2021

1- Meetic: the best dating site

Founded in 2001, Meetic quickly became one of the market leaders thanks to its reliability and reliability. It is now one of the best dating sites in 2021. This dating site is recognized for the quality of its meetings. If you want to find love through an online dating site, Meetic is definitely the best solution. Meetic already counts millions of meetings as well as many couples who have emerged thanks to their site.

Meetic is one of the best dating sites

Due to its popularity and the quality of its dating site, Meetic has one of the largest numbers of singles. This makes it easier to find people who are likely to match you. Meetic is also appreciated for the complete profiles as well as the detailed search making it easy to find people with whom you have the same interests. The site also offers support to facilitate the search for your partner. A virtual assistant is made available to its users to help them in their procedures. In addition, Meetic regularly organizes events for its members with activities and evenings dedicated to singles of the same age and from the same region.

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2- eDarling: the European leader in online dating

Founded in 2008, eDarling quickly established itself as one of the European leaders in online dating. They are currently present in more than 20 countries across Europe. The site is aimed at singles looking for a lasting and fulfilling relationship. eDarling is renowned for the quality of its dating site, its reliability and its most effective dating system. All the singles on the site are asked to complete a very comprehensive personality test so that their algorithm presents you with the singles with whom you have the best compatibility.

eDarling is one of the best online dating sites

Unlike some dating sites where you are offered all the profiles of singles around your location, eDarling only offers singles with whom you have the best compatibility. Thanks to the large number of singles present on eDarling, it is possible to find singles in all cities and regions of France and in many countries in Europe. eDarling also offers you a lot of advice and support to optimize and improve your profile. Thanks to the quality of the meetings offered and their seriousness, eDarling deserves its place in our Top 10 of the best dating sites in 2021.

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3- Tinder: the best dating app

Tinder is arguably the most famous dating app in the world. Present in most countries, it quickly established itself thanks to its innovative swipe system. This dating application is appreciated for its practicality thanks to its thoughtful ergonomics facilitating its use. Tinder is primarily used by people between the ages of 18 and 40.

Due to its great popularity, there are many fake profiles, but Tinder does its utmost to limit and detect its profiles. This dating app offers one of the largest selections of singles in the world. Tinder is also effective for serious, casual or friendly meetings. With millions of users, Tinder is the best dating app in 2021.

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4- Let’s say tomorrow: the best dating site for people over 50

Say Tomorrow is a new dating site belonging to the Meetic group. This site is dedicated to singles aged 50 and over. It is currently one of the best dating sites for people over 50. Say Tomorrow is highly regarded for its originality and seriousness. It allows you to find singles near you who share the same interests, passion and others.

DisonsDemain is one of the best dating sites

Plus, Let’s Talk Tomorrow makes live dating easier for people over 50 who may not be comfortable with online dating. Indeed, Disons Demain regularly organizes outings for singles. It offers activities in most regions, with themed evenings, dining out, leisure activities and even organized trips. With Say Tomorrow, it becomes easier to meet singles from your region.

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5- Elite Dating: the best dating site for discerning singles

The EliteRencontre site brings together one of the most important choices of singles looking for a lasting relationship. This dating site for discerning singles has many advantages. It offers complete and verified singles profiles. Each member is also required to complete a personality test so that their dating software can suggest the most compatible singles nearby.

EliteRencontre is an interesting solution if you are looking for a serious relationship with a person who has the same goals and the same desires as you. In order to help its members, EliteSingles provides personalized advice and also provides excellent customer service. The site connects singles in most cities in France such as Paris, Lyon, Nice, Marseille and many others. With meetings for demanding and ambitious singles, Elite Rencontre stands out from its competitors. It deserves to be in our ranking of the best dating sites in 2021.

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6- Attractive World: the best site for serious dating

Attractive World is one of the safest and most trusted online dating sites. Founded in 2007, Attractive World has succeeded in making this a place among the best dating sites. Indeed, the site is very appreciated for its seriousness and its user-friendliness, each single profile is accompanied by a photo and a precise description. What’s more, the profiles are checked by a team in order to avoid the fake profiles that are regularly found on most dating sites.

Attractive World is one of the best online dating sites

Attractive World also makes it easy and convenient to find Singles near your location. In addition, to facilitate meetings, events are regularly offered across France, especially in large cities such as Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Nice and many others. This site is also present in other countries such as Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, where it also offers its members activities throughout the year.

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7- Badoo: the best social network for singles

Founded in 2006, Badoo is one of the pioneers of online dating. It is currently one of the most used dating sites in the world with tens of millions of users. It allows you to meet people in most countries of the world. Badoo is popular for its conviviality and its huge choice of singles.

Thanks to its long experience in the field, Badoo offers a well thought-out dating site where it is easy to discover and meet singles around you. Plus, it offers a lot of cool features and more advanced search to find people with the same interests as you. Additionally, Badoo makes sure to check all profiles for better security. Thanks to its many qualities, Badoo is one of the best dating sites in the world.

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8- Adopt Un Mec: the dating site that empowers women

AdopteUnMec provides singles with an original dating service. The AdopteUnMec dating site offers free access for women and paid access for men in order to balance the ratio of men to women on their site. Indeed, there are generally more men than women on dating sites. AdopteUnMec presents a different concept from other dating sites. On this site, it is the women who choose their partner.

At first, only women can approach men. This original concept has already won over millions of people. On this site, it is possible to make serious meetings as well as more superficial meetings. The search for compatibility with people in your city is less advanced than on other dating sites. However, thanks to its originality and its strong success in France, AdopteUnMec deserves its place in our top 10 of the best dating sites in 2021.

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9- HugAvenue

HugAvenue has more than 5 million registered users on their site. It is currently one of the best places to meet singles online. Indeed, thanks to their geolocation system, it is easier to find single men and women nearby.


In addition, we find on this site many search criteria allowing to target certain profiles. HugAvenue offers the possibility of selecting several criteria such as age, interests, and personality, among others, in order to precisely target certain profiles of single people. HugAvenue also has its own blog where you can find lots of tips and advice for meeting singles.

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10- C-Dating

One of the best sites for casual dating is C-Dating. If you are more looking for a good time for a night out or time for a weekend on the go, this site could probably meet your expectations. Unlike some one-stop dating sites, C-Dating is widely appreciated by its members for its respectful dating.

More geared towards light dating, C-Dating has fewer singles than other sites for more serious dating. This difference can be a disadvantage in the case of living in a city or region where there are few inhabitants. The choice of singles in small towns is generally limited. However, thousands of new singles are signing up to the site every day. In addition, the proportion of men and women on the site is very balanced, with slightly more women than men at the time of writing.

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