Tásken – Women’s Fashion from 42 to 58

Tásken, a company founded in 1948, has been operating in the Gaucho market for almost 70 years. Aimed at the female audience, it has a list of thousands of customers in Porto Alegre, other cities in Rio Grande do Sul and also in other states. Recognized and prestigious, Tásken is today an established brand in women’s fashion retail, serving cutting-edge, modern women who want and know how to choose the best. With a huge variety of brands and models, it sells clothes, accessories, beachwear, nightwear, lingerie and party lines in sizes ranging from 42 to 58. Always focused on excellence in customer service, the company’s main concern is to ensure that each one feels unique and special, making every purchase a magical and unique moment, thus satisfying your needs and desires. Always striving for the quality and exclusivity of its products, Tásken participates in the “Best of Porto Alegre” guide.

Dress all women with charm and elegance in all styles for any time in your life, whether at work, leisure, travel, party or for the whole day. Providing quality service and commitment, satisfying the needs of customers, leaving them satisfied for having carried out and fulfilled their wishes.

Being more and more a reference in the Gaucho market in retail sales, from sizes ranging from 42 to 58. Respected and recognized for the quality and variety of current products.

Honesty, respect, commitment, transparency, dignity, loyalty, solidarity, integration, seriousness, responsibility, communication, competence to always do the best.

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