step by step + cutting tips

step by step + cutting tips

step by step + cutting tips


The male children’s haircut is the barbers’ challenge. Special chair, moments of distraction, it is necessary to learn to dribble the kids. Perfect technique plus fun is the right account to get the cut right. But is it that simple?

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Here we are going to show you the varieties of male children’s haircuts and, in addition, we are going to teach you how to do it. If you don’t want to learn but came to be inspired, we have photos for you. So, keep reading!

Types of male children’s haircuts

Check out some types of cut and see how to do it:

Undercut children’s haircut

In this children’s cut the hair has a greater volume at the top and the sides shaved or just lower.

Children’s Undercut Haircut with Long Fringe

This childish cut keeps the fringe disconnected from the rest of the hair.

Children’s Undercut Haircut with Razor Stripes

For this children’s cut it is possible to vary the designs.

Children’s Haircut Undercut Afro Hair

In this children’s cut it is possible to leave the sides well shaved and the hair on top denser.

Children’s Haircut with Fringe

The children’s fringe cut is one of the most popular and never goes out of style.

Curly children’s haircut

For this type of children’s cut there is a wide variety of sizes.

Curly children’s haircut

For frizzy children’s hair, it is important to keep the cut always aligned and carefully.

Short children’s haircut

Preferred style for children, easier and faster care.

Gradient children’s haircut

The most popular among the kids. The gradient haircut with risk or without risk, is one that comes short on the sides and gradually gains volume until reaching the top with plenty of hair and volume.

social child haircut

Every boy has had this cut once.

child surfer haircut

Inspired by surfers, this cut is a hit among children.

Children’s haircut peaked

The chopped haircut can be combined with a fringe.

Children’s haircut hang glider

Boys with short hair always want that kind of cut.

children’s topknot

This is the darling of the kids.

Small children’s topknot

Long Forelock in Children’s Straight Hair

Another variation of men’s haircuts with topknot.

Children’s Side Cut Haircut

The sidecut cut can be done with a razor marking on the division of the sides with the top of the head.

Children’s Side Swept Haircut

Cutting style that brings the hairs closer to the head and closer to the root.

baby haircut

The most difficult to do, cutting the little ones is always a big challenge.

Male children’s haircut straight

The versatile, step-by-step, straight men’s haircut for kids can be done with bangs, topknot, undecut and dozens of other options.

Children’s male haircut step by step

Learn how to make the gradient cut:

1st step: Comb or brush your hair in the direction of its growth to facilitate.


2nd step: select the smallest comb height that your machine has and fit it to it.

3rd step: Trim the top of the head to the length chosen by the customer. Cut your hair at a slanted back angle or at the same height across the top.

4th step: remove the height comb and adjust the machine to the lowest possible level.

Step 5: Start again at the base of the head and trim about two inches from the end of the hair, depending on the size of the head.

Step 6: Adjust the trimmer again, this time to a higher cutting level, and trim about 1 cm on top of the previous cut.

7th step: change the trimmer to a medium height and cut again 1 cm higher than the previous one.

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