Status of Sertaneja Music Excerpts

Status of Sertaneja Music Excerpts

Status of Sertaneja Music Excerpts

Who doesn’t like to hear a country music? Be it at the club or at home, country music is one of the styles that is most present in the hit charts. Over the years, the country style has gone through changes, no longer being so traditional, adopting new lyrics, beats and mixtures even with other musical styles.

Who has never listened to country music to clean the house or to liven up the barbecue on the weekend!? But there are people who love to hear a romantic sertanejo to remember their boyfriend (a), there are also those who prefer songs of sertaneja suffering which are those with striking lyrics that remind us of someone or some lived moment that never comes back.

“When bad hits and silence brings my voice
won’t know what to drink
If this wine doesn’t quench that thirst
Thirst that belongs to us…”

“I’m going to change my cell phone to a Nokia brick
Who only sends a message and makes a call
If I see one more video of you, without me, being happy
I’m sure my life will be close at hand
Don’t kill me! This internet became a weapon in your hand…”

“Who I want doesn’t want me
Who wants me, I won’t
no one will suffer alone
Everyone will suffer…

“Our story almost had a happy ending
But it didn’t just depend on me.”

“On the two-seater sofa
Imagine if he spoke, deny
those of our nights of love
Since the agreement was to watch a movie…”

“And in this madness of saying I don’t want you
I deny appearances
disguising the evidence
But why live pretending
If I can’t cheat my heart
I know that I love you..”

“I confess that sometimes I think about us
And on a fresh start
Better and quite different…”

“I have a disease
which is one meter and sixty
And just entered that door there
close the account
‘The symptoms are increasing…”

“Whoever truly loves accepts mistakes
and applaud the virtues…”

“And so, while I hold you
Hold me in your arms for a minute
in a way that only you know
In a way that only I know…”

“I saw a picture of you in that outfit
But it seemed that something was missing
In the features of the smile you could see
What’s missing in you?…”

“It seemed like a good deal.
you get rid of me
I just didn’t count on the interest
That nostalgia in the future would charge you for me…”

“And from this life nothing takes
And deep down everyone waits
A love that comes to add, to complete…”

“If a song reminds me
Change the CD, don’t listen anymore…”

“And go in faith, bet on it
That she’s a good girl…”

“And the 24-hour post
it’s the starting point..”

“It’s because when someone breaks their face in love
you are so scared of the pain
Like an animal wounded with fear ..”

“I know a great love
not easy to find
It’s even harder to stop liking..”


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