Simple makeup in 10 minutes and in 3 steps

Simple makeup in 10 minutes and in 3 steps – Sephora Blog

Simple makeup in 10 minutes and in 3 steps – Sephora Blog

Making a simple makeup for everyday life may seem to be an easy and quick task, but for those who are learning it can be synonymous with a headache. What is part of simple make? What products to use? What is the right order? All these questions are super common and we are here to clarify them and make this process as easy and fast as possible for you.

The purpose of simple makeup is to enhance natural beauty (and hide what we don’t like so much) and it is ideal for those who are starting to venture into this world and for those busy days. That’s why it’s practical, basic and leaves a very natural and neutral result, which you can even adapt if you later want, for example, make up for evening makeup.

Check out our tips on how to do simple makeup and find out how to fit it into your daily life!

Basic products for simple makeup

The choice of products is essential to achieve a good result with a simple and quick makeup. the ones that can’t be missing from your toilet bag they are:

To choose the right foundation and also to not go wrong when choosing blush and lipstick colors, it is essential to know your skin tone. For that, you can consult the contents that we have already published here on the blog about these subjects!

Oh, and a good tip for anyone interested in simple makeup is opt for multifunctional products, like BB Cream, for example, which offers sun protection and a certain coverage for the skin. Lip tint is another example, as it can be used on both lips and cheekbones, as a blush.

And, to apply some products, such as foundation, concealer and blush, we recommend having a foundation brush or a sponge. These are really the basics., those you need to have.

Other products to transform your makeup simple

There are some other products that can be added to your kit over time and that add to the look, which can also become indispensable for you β€” especially if you want to know how to do a simple makeup for the night. Some of them are:

  • Primer to fix and increase the duration of the make;
  • Dust to seal the skin;
  • One eyebrow product, it can be pencil, gel, pen, whatever you prefer;
  • bronzer, contour and illuminator to make your skin even more beautiful;
  • shadows to create different looks β€” you can start with a duo with a lighter tone and a darker one, or even a palette with neutral tones, which are a must have;
  • eyeliner, to make the look even more striking.

By the way, another all-in-one product you can use is the eyeliner. Depending on the color and fixation, it can be used to fill in the brow, at the waterline, to make lines and even, if smoky, as an eyeshadow.

How to Make Makeup Simple Step by Step

Now that we’ve talked about the products needed to make a simple make up, let’s get down to what matters most: to step by step. You can put it on the timer, this tutorial on how to do simple makeup takes, on average, ten minutes!

5 minutes: start by preparing the skin

To make a flawless makeup, even in a short time, it is necessary take a few minutes to prepare the skin. After all, she is the foundation of everything! With a good finish at this stage, even if you don’t have the time β€” or skill β€” to create a more complex look, you can be sure it will make a difference already.

And it is also important to know that to have beautiful skin we should not depend on a good foundation and concealer. For this, it is essential invest in a routine of skin care.

But as here we are specifically talking about how to do simple makeup, let’s go through the steps of the first step:

  1. Start with moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation or BB Cream β€” with the skin clean, apply the moisturizer, wait for it to dry, apply the sunscreen and, after it dries, apply the foundation. If you choose BB Cream, you can dispense with the protector and, depending on the product, the moisturizer. For a better finish, the foundation and CC Cream should be applied with a damp sponge, fingers or a dual fiber brush;
  2. Apply concealer where necessary β€” Dark circles, spots of pimples and rosacea can be disguised with a concealer. The trick is to apply over the areas that need correction and then blur the edges with your fingers, lightly tapping the edges to fuse the product with the skin;

For those with oily skin, we recommend finishing with a mattifying powder, which will remove excess shine and give a velvety appearance to the skin.

3 minutes: add color to production

learn to do simple makeup for everyday life

Once the skin is ready, it’s time to move on to the second step of how to make simple makeup: giving color.

  1. start with the blush β€” Apply the color to the highest part of the cheeks and fade back towards the ears. If you want to give your eyelids a little color, you can use what’s left on your brush and give that region a blur;
  2. Apply eyelash mask β€” fit the applicator to the base of the lashes and, in a zigzag motion, go up to the tip of the lashes. If you want more results, you can apply more than once, but be careful not to use too much and end up with the strands β€œstuck”;
  3. Color your lips with a lipstick β€” in simple makeup, the most common are nudes, pinks and browns or even lip gloss and lip tint, but if you want to give more impact, you can also opt for impactful tones, such as red or wine. These last ones are great for those looking to know how to do a simple makeup for the night!

2 minutes: finishing touches

The simple make up is ready! However, if you want to add some extras, now is the time.

  1. Brighten up with an illuminator β€” not essential, but you can brighten up your simple makeup with an illuminator. The more discreet versions contain few shine particles and can be used in everyday life without problems. To ensure this finish, apply to the tip of the nose, cupid’s bow and the top of the cheekbone with a fluffy brush to achieve a diffused effect that makes the light look very natural;
  2. Make your eyes stand out with an eye shadow and an eyeliner β€” if you want to get out of the basics, you can also use a shadow and do an outline. And, if you want to know how to get your eyeliner line right, check out our step-by-step guide!

Now that you know how to do simple makeup quickly and practically, it’s time to practice. It may take a little longer the first few times, but with time, you’ll get the hang of it! After all, practice leads to perfection.

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