Short Phrases of Madness

Short Phrases of Madness - Thinker

Short Phrases of Madness – Thinker

about 1398 short sentences of madness

There has never been a great intelligence without a streak of madness.


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Love is the wisdom of the mad and the madness of the wise.

Samuel Johnson

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The most beautiful things are dictated by madness and written by reason.

André Gide

I always preferred the madness of passions to the wisdom of indifference.

Anatole France

If the madman persisted in his madness, he would become sensible.

William Blake

Thinking against the current of your time is heroic; to say it is crazy.

Eugene Ionesco

The extreme limit of wisdom is what the public calls madness.

Jean Cocteau

All arts are learned, but madness is born.

Pietro Aretino

How wise are those who give themselves up to the follies of love!

Jo. cook

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The worst of the follies is, without a doubt, pretending to be sensible in a world of madmen.

Erasmus of Rotterdam

We are all born crazy. Some remain.

Samuel Beckett

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The art of being mad is never committing the madness of being a normal guy.

Raul Seixas

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Love is the only folly of a sage and the only wisdom of a fool.

William Shakespeare

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