Short haircut 2021: Female trend

short long bob haircut

Short haircut 2021: Female trend

There is a new trend of short haircut 2021, after all, nowadays women want to change their look more and more, getting more beautiful, charming and elegant.

And now that people are not caring so much about the standards of beauty, women want more and more to be daring and for that, there is nothing better than looking for inspiration on the internet.

It was with this in mind that we decided to elaborate this article talking about the haircuts that will possibly be trends in the following year.

short long bob haircut(Photo: @diego.sarkisian)

Many of the cuts we are going to introduce you to are used by beautiful and famous actresses who are much admired, so this is your opportunity to find a cut that suits you.

2021 short female haircuts trend

Women these days love to change their look as soon as they feel like it, and for that, there are several trends for the next year, for example, the irregular or shaved Pixie Cut, which explores some side designs.

And with the correct division, the hairdresser or stylist can make your hair more elongated on top, causing it to have a slight fall, enhancing it with a suitable finishing cream.

short female haircut by machine(Photo: @dbbarbearia_2unit)

Many people make this cut, take the opportunity to dye their hair, something that is also super trendy, especially in blue, green, red and pink.

Chanel cuts for straight and curly hair are also trends for the coming year, along with wavy, peaked and fringes, which are being used more and more.

Short haircuts for a round face

With each passing day, the custom that people used to talk about a standard of beauty has been lost. Making people more willing to change their look.

An example that we can give is for women who have a rounded face. Many lost their fear and decided to make different types of cuts.

short haircut for round face(Photo: @salaofantastico)

A cut that is on the rise these days, for example, is the short bangs. This cut is one of the nicest cuts to make when you have a rounder face.

However, he is not the only one that can be done. You can make a longer fringe, dabble in pixie cuts, make a bowl-style cut, chopped.

And let’s not forget to mention that curly cuts also go with women who have a rounder face; therefore, there are thousands of choices to be made.

Short Curly Hair Models for 2021

Even though long hair is the dream of many curly hair, they will eventually have to go through the short one, right? But of course there are those who also want to keep their hair short.

For that, there are some wonderful 2021 short haircuts for the curly ones, for example, you can keep it short on the sides and leave it tall on top, nice curly.

short curly haircut(Photo: @claudiogermanovisagista)

Also, coloring your hair is also in, so why not look for a color that suits you? Many curls are betting on blue, pink and red. You will definitely find a color that suits you.

Now the cut that women use the most for curly hair is the bangs thrown to one side, that is, they put a machine on the sides and let the bangs fall to the left or to the right.

Short fringed cut ideas

Making short cuts with bangs can also be very innovative and beautiful, besides that it can be used in both straight, wavy and fully curly hair.

One of the most used techniques to make a cut with bangs is to keep the sides very short, making the bangs fall to the left or right side.

You can also pin up your hair and just leave the fringe loose, making you look beautiful. If you want, you can use a scarf, giving much more charm to your look.

For these cuts it is possible to use the long or short fringe. Do what you think suits your style best, and you can be sure that the result will be wonderful.

Cutting short haircut suggestions for 2021

Another 2021 short haircut style that is in fashion is the peaked one, which is different from the traditional, bringing a lot of personality to the look of any woman, having a feminine and very modern touch.

Besides that it is very versatile and easy to care for, as you only need to use a good finisher. It can be used on curly, straight and wavy hair.

light brunette short haircut(Photo: @salaoelainecarvalho)

And in case you are not very confident in using this cut, know that many beautiful and famous actresses, such as the American Kristen Stewart, from the Crespúculo saga, uses this wonderful cut.

So if you want to change your look, talk to your hairdresser and try to get a chopped cut that you won’t regret.

See some more models for 2021:

01- The short with wavy has a charming versatility

medium short haircut(Photo: @leandroaugusto_studio)

02- This model matches any color and shade

medium to short haircut(Photo: @robertasilgoncalves)

03- The lights illuminate the hair in a unique way

short haircut for ladies(Photo:

04- Each color has its charm in a smoother cut

chopped short haircut(Photo: @kelyhair_official)

05- The side bangs get a perfect combination

short haircut for ladies(Photo: @nadiahaircascavel)

06- The short is one of the most passionate cuts

short haircut on the nape(Photo: @jessica_hairmakeup)

07- This model matches almost all styles

modern short haircut(Photo: @natalliabouzan_hair)

08- The model can be asymmetrical and full of boldness

modern female short haircut(Photo: @dasteriohair)

09- This type of cut will make your days practical

short blond haircut(Photo: @made.estudio)

10- In addition to being a cool cut, it demonstrates elegance

layered short haircut(Photo: @elmocabeleireiro)

11- The short wavy becomes sophisticated and charming

short curly haircut(Photo: @liviiapnunes)

12- It looks beautiful from the short to the longest

female short haircut for round face(Photo: @salaoelainecarvalho)

13- Waves in short hair have an indescribable charm

female-short-haircut.(Photo: @hair.wmo)

14- The short is modern, romantic, practical and versatile

thick and voluminous short haircut(Photo: @lucasmoraesbeauty)

15- Bet on the modernity of the fringe

thick short haircut(Photo: @beto_fariaa)

16- This cut embraces different colors

full short haircut(Photo: @brenda___karoline)

17- Speaking of red, what about this wonderful modern?

young short haircut(Photo: @gilferreira_hairstyle)

18- The short is unique and very beautiful!

short straight female haircut(Photo: @fabiobarbosahair)

19- This model leaves everything with a renewed style

short straight haircut(Photo: @ittaribeiro)

20- Bet on the simplest straight models

short and chopped haircut(Photo: @thaliabreu)

21- It also fits very colorful and modern hair

short and modern haircut(Photo: @leonascimentostylist)

22- Looks good even with the most asymmetrical cuts

short and blond haircut(Photo: @gabrielavalentahair)

23- This is for those who prefer the sobriety of natural tones

short straight haircut(Photo: @flaviogualberto)

24- Every wavy short is charmingly beautiful

short and frayed haircut(Photo: @missemisterviacatarina)

25- The peaked makes it even more charming

very beautiful short haircut(Photo: @very cute short haircut)

26- The cut perfectly embraces the most classic models

layered shredded short haircut(Photo:

27- The undulations match perfectly with the short one

short gradient haircut(Photo:

28- The short has a touch of boldness and elegance

short haircut with highlights(Photo: @studiobeautystyle3)

29- This cut is for those looking for charm and modernity

short haircut with bangs(Photo: @kelyhair_official)

30- Short hair is an amazing option

messy short haircut(Photo: @salaoelainecarvalho)

31- Speaking of modernity, say yes to degrade

short haircut at the back of the neck(Photo: @selminhabeleza)

32- You can create new charming trends for everyday life

very beautiful short haircut(Photo:

33- Bob cut is the new fad among fashionistas

short bob long haircut(Photo: @fabicortesdecabelo)

34- Bet on lights, highlights and colors

cute short haircut(Photo: @fabiobarbosahair)

35- This elegant shade will surprise you!

short white haircut(Photo: @josyecia)

36- The cut shape fits well with or without bangs

short haircut c bangs(Photo: @jacquesjaninemorumbi)

37- The short curly is an exaggeration of cuteness

female short curly haircut(Photo: @poxxa_sayy)

38- The curly short becomes classic and elegant

short curly haircut(Photo: @sillhair)

39- The short one also puts on a show in style

short chanel haircut(Photo: @ro.hsiqueira)

40- This cut with a beaten foot will steal your heart

short haircut shredded at the nape of the neck(Photo: @robertomartinsgemeo)

41- The short one also accepts different hairstyles

lighted short haircut(Photo: @lumakeup100)

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