Sertanejas Music Phrases

Sertanejas Music Phrases - Phrases for Whats

Sertanejas Music Phrases – Phrases for Whats

Sentences of country music for you who like to post an indirect in the form of music on the status, or even to compose a photo!

This contract is for life! ❤️❤️ (Jorge and Matthew)

If you’re supposed to use me, what’s wrong? 😈😈 (Felipe Araújo)

I’ll stay with you and give up everything‼️ (Solange Almeida)

Go to hell with your love… 👊👊 (Bro Walter)

Her mistake is not being you! 😘😘 (Cleber and Kauan)

If it worked out well, great! Otherwise it worked, great! Next!👉👉😘 (Naiara Azevedo)

He points the glass and denounces who is going to kiss, drink until dawn! 🍻🍷 (Day and Lara)

Crazier than this mine, it doesn’t exist! 😍😍 (Zé Felipe)

I’m single in love, I’m neither free nor tied! 😘😘 (Mark and Belutti)

You don’t deserve to know about my life! 👊👊 (Wesley Naughty)

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