plans of the week

Self-Esteem Phrases for Facebook

plans of the week

Plans for the week: take more care of me; believe in my potential; be kinder; thank you more.

One day I decided to be me

One day I decided to be me and I never looked back. (Ryane Lion)

maybe the missing part

Maybe the part you’re missing is called self love.

today i am full

Today I am full! Nothing shakes me!

Having to love yourself a lot

You are the first person to have to love yourself so much! (A card)

Put on GPS

Put โ€œself loveโ€ in the GPS and find your way to happiness. (Thank you, you’re welcome)

In the greatest love out there

Everyone loves the most out there, and such and you alone with your ice cream happy, and in love. (Bianca)

Keep your self esteem in days

Keep your self-esteem in days so that no one will be able to devalue you. (Diego Vinicius)

The first person you should hug

When you wake up, the first person you should hug is yourself. Experience the feeling of being right with yourself. (Major Star)

I was distancing myself

It was distancing myself from certain wrong people, forgetting persistent nostalgia and letting go of worn out feelings that I discovered my greatest proofs of love, of self-love. (Diego Vinicius)

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