Quotes to post clothes on Instagram: 25 Caption Ideas

phrases to post clothes on Instagram

Quotes to post clothes on Instagram: 25 Caption Ideas

Most sales of digital clothing are the result of certain phrases to post clothes on Instagram, as it is what ends up captivating and motivating consumers.

However, this strategy is considered an art when done well, as it has the scope to stimulate the customer’s buying impulse. So I’m going to show you 25 caption ideas, plus suggest tips for creating the right content for your business!

25 phrase ideas to post clothes on Instagram

phrases to post clothes on Instagram

Captions such as: “our most beloved summer pieces are on their way” and “backstage of the rehearsal of our new winter collection” are just examples of captions with an impact on Instagram, as they are intended to keep the customer engaged.

Thus, the first tip is: don’t restrict yourself to the basics, try to keep communication open, captivating and very attractive, whether in the dissemination of promotions, launches, exchange of collections, among many other essential strategies to gain loyalty.

Another very important point is that the conversational tone changes from one niche to another. With that, you always need to tune the message to the audience. To exemplify what I just said, I separated the sentences by category!

Types of caption for women’s clothing in general (with hashtags)

  1. Our new shirts from the fall collection arrived, 30% promotion, but this weekend only. #sotoday #correquedatempo
  2. Directly from the biggest trends in Europe, our new collection is rocking! #verycharm #lookdetoday
  3. In love? Yes, for this dress! Buy now through our page!
  4. In Love with this charming and unique outfit! #dicadelook #lookcomplete
  5. I don’t have the maturity for this super versatile look! #fashionstyle #trend #fashionfeminine
  6. Super trend cardigan this wonderful season! #styledclothes #femininefashionforall

Captions for swimwear clothing (with hashtags)

  1. Check out the backstage of a full day of photos with the new trends you can only find here! #beachfashion #lookbeach #summer
  2. Today we had the replacement of our cropped darling from the Colors line, unmissable, right? #cropped #fashionstyle
  3. This is for you who were looking for a versatile white beacher! #bikiniwhite #fashion #style
  4. Who said that beach doesn’t match this trend set that only we bring to you? #beach set
  5. Come and seal yourself with our new limited-line bikini!

Subtitles for underwear (with hashtags)

  1. In doubt? Choose the basics that are always the most loved, now in sizes P, M and G!
  2. This red set from our “Powerful” line is simply enthralling! #fashionintima #vocamaravilhosa
  3. Another exclusive launch made in-house and every care for your devastating look, now in colors: red, white and black!
  4. Be your best version with this unique erotic corset! #corset #sensual too
  5. Far beyond sensuality, our exclusive line brings comfort and security to your daily life, come check it out!
  6. Complete set with panties and thong, unparalleled comfort! Check it out right now on our WhatsApp. #modaintimaatacado #lingerieatacado

Legends for men’s clothing (with hashtags)

  1. Looking for a sober look but with a touch of elegance? What do you think of this Piquet knit shirt? #men’s fashion #manfashion
  2. In your opinion, what is the note of this versatile look ideal for colder days? Leave it in the comments, agreed? #elegance #sportefino
  3. Basic look matches any occasion, proof of this is this amazing shirt!
  4. And the All Black combination, highlighting our launch, which is the thin sports shoe in several colors? Share!

Children’s fashion captions (with hashtags)

  1. Looking for cute looks for the little ones? Our promotion only runs until tomorrow, take advantage of the drop in prices! #kids Fashion
  2. Another option for a beautiful and comfortable outfit, that every little princess deserves, will you let it go? #infant fashion #kids #princess
  3. Get your emotions ready, as the winter sets have just arrived, and you can’t miss it!
  4. We found that super beautiful and comfortable look that your little one deserves, the time is now, come enjoy! #infant fashion #amordemae

How to create awesome Instagram captions: 2 practical tips!

1. Creativity is the key to selling clothes

You can have high quality clothes, always invest in new things and offer promotions frequently, but for sell on instagram, you need to convince.

The caption is the heart of your sales strategy, but creativity is the fuel that excites the consumer. The caption needs to represent the photo in a way that complements it, instigating the curiosity of those interested.

So, don’t stop daring in creativity, use Emojis to engage, hashtags to improve the publication’s reach. Finally, whenever possible, drive the post to generate likes on the page and increase your audience.

2. Get to know the audience that actually buys from you.

The last and important tip is: know every aspect of your customer. Know your interests and trends, keep your purchase history, send your new campaigns and collections, that is, evaluate your preferences to influence the experience, as this is what helps in loyalty.

In short, creating captions for Instagram turns out to be quite personal as it depends on the clothes and niches you work in. However, the suggestions above may give you a clue as to how to do this for impact your customer.

I really hope you enjoyed my tips, share it to help more people sell and see you next time!

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