Prom Makeup: 3 Important Tips

Prom Makeup: 3 Important Tips

Prom Makeup: 3 Important Tips

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Getting ready for the graduation party is a lot to do: choose a dress, a hairstyle, makeup, do your nails, choose your shoes, all in harmony to finish with that killer look. Here we are going to focus on makeup!

Getting your prom makeup right is crucial, as it will influence all aspects of your appearance, not only highlighting your clothes and accessories, but also the expression on your face. We’re not going to offer a tutorial on how to put on makeup here, but we’re going to give you a little touch on how to choose the makeup to do on this occasion.

1. Test with different types of makeup

If you don’t want to get in trouble at the last minute with your prom makeup, do some tests first. Some people make the mistake of looking at someone’s makeup, some magazine picture, a television show, falling in love and deciding: that’s it! It may be, but it may not be… the reason is that the shape of your face will react differently to types of makeup.

Whether your eyebrow is closer or farther from your eyes, whether your eyes are small or large, whether your chin is more prominent or flatter, whether your cheekbone is thicker or drier, these and other aspects will make a big difference when choosing makeup. So, for example, what makes an X face look striking might not work for your face the same way, got it?

So, make previous choices and test it on your face. That way you’ll find what works best for you before the big day.

2. Choose a make consistent with your style

You’ll find plenty of tips out there on how to put on makeup for graduation day. Some will tell you to use colors, others will tell you to be more discreet, others will say that shine is everything, the smokey eyes so it’s all over the place. What should you choose? What makes you comfortable!

It’s important that your makeup matches your style, or you’ll be looking in the mirror all the time trying to recognize who has your face. This feeling creates insecurity and prevents you from enjoying the party well. Simple, extravagant, elegant, romantic, it doesn’t matter: be yourself!

3. Choose resistant prom makeup products

Well, we could not fail to give you a technical tip! Remember you are going to a party. You’ll drink, eat, dance, have fun, or at least that’s what we want for you: a real celebration! Make has to be able to withstand all this agitation.

So don’t just focus on colors and shapes, choose products that last the entire party too. Applying a prime before makeup helps a lot. Other than that, prefer waterproof and medium or high coverage products, as they tend to stick for longer. For the rest, take that refinishing artillery in the necessaire.

We believe these are the most important makeup tips for your prom, as you also have a multitude of choices, and you can also add your creative touch so you don’t look like you’re wearing a uniform on your face.

Looking for a professional in the area may be the best option, as she will have a lot of skill in suggesting the best makeup for your type of face. A golden tip remains for that end: choose the dress beforehand and think about it when choosing the make.

Now, tell us: and you, what do you think is most important when choosing makeup for your graduation party? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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