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Pregnant Rehearsal Clothing Tips


One of the main goals of a pregnant essay it is to register the pregnancy and how much the mother was even more perfect and beautiful while waiting for her baby.

To achieve this, in addition to the right time of pregnancy to take the photos, you must also make a good choice of the clothes that will be used on the day of your photo shoot, whether it is in a studio, in a park or at home.

The idea is to ensure that the belly is outward, protruding, but avoid periods when the woman tends to be more bloated and uncomfortable. That’s why the choice of clothes is paramount.

Pregnant Rehearsal Clothing Tips

On the one hand, clothing that is too tight can create unwanted marks on your body and also cause discomfort during the test. On the other hand, clothes that are too loose can give the impression that the pregnant it’s even fatter. So, no exaggerations.

So let’s get down to business.

Tips on looks to rock the pregnant woman’s rehearsal

We’ve separated some tips and clothing options for you to rock your pregnant essay:

– Think of clothes with movement and lightness, such as skirts and dresses, with wider and more fluid cuts. Abuse of long dresses and long skirts make pregnant women more elegant.

Pregnant Rehearsal Clothing Tips

– Overlays also work very well for photo.

– Dresses that enhance the belly are excellent options and are beautiful.

– If you want, you can also separate some type of plain or lacy top or blouse that leave the belly showing.

Pregnant Rehearsal Clothing Tips

– Wearing very pretty lingerie with an open shirt on top, as well as wearing a long lace nightgown or robe, is beautiful.

– Watch out for the prints. If you opt for a long flowered skirt, wear a neutral-colored top. It’s always good to use common sense to create harmony between the pieces.

– Jeans and specific leggings for pregnant women they are pieces that should be part of the wardrobe, as they are comfortable and easy to combine. They look beautiful in lifestyle sessions.

And to complement this, wear clothes and accessories that show your style and personality, but avoid exaggeration as they can distract from what is really important.

The colors can vary according to the scenario and your photographer(o) should guide her in this regard, but for the day of the rehearsal, clothes in neutral tones are recommended, mainly white and black. These colors, in addition to being easier to harmonize with any environment, always work very well.

Pregnant Rehearsal Clothing Tips

And to make your costume complete it is essential to also think about makeup, hair and nails for that big day. The hair must be clean and dry and the nails must be well done – prefer light and soft tones like nude or lace.

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