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I can’t stand to live in free fall anymore, my lungs lack air

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From each defeat , you get an experience and always something better .

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The body needs rest鈥 The mind needs peace鈥 The heart needs joy 馃尰

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It’s so nice to talk to someone that you keep smiling the whole conversation, no matter what.

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Talk to people who make you see the world differently.

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Be Light even in the midst of darkness!

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STTS – Random

– Love is when you put the person you love in your prayers…’

– Saying you’re going to change doesn’t make you a different person! 馃挱馃尲

– Thankfully, life changes, time heals a lot…’

– Because, like coffee, love does not serve cold. 鈽曗潳

– I’m a library of unspoken words…’

– So evident that we belong to each other鈥 馃幎馃挏

– Sometimes it is the wrong choices that lead us to the right path. 馃懀鉂

– She has a stubborn smile that no one can erase…’

– In order not to become the past, you have to be present! 馃挜

– I’m happy with small gestures. It doesn’t have to give me the world, it just has to be my world. 鉂ゐ煃

– It doesn’t have to be perfect or full of clich茅. It doesn’t have to be a movie thing or anything fancy. I just want it to be. 馃挄

– She owns herself, her choices and desires. 馃尲

– I’ve changed so much for a while. 馃崈

– Nothing is wrong if it makes you happy. 馃憣馃挄

– And if it’s too late, we’ll enjoy the night. 馃寵

– Yeah, she’s changed. It was a light breeze, now it’s a hurricane. 馃崈

– May the wind take what I need and bring me enough. 馃崅馃寵

– I let go of loves, friends and false promises, my heart was never a cage, it’s home, whoever enters and mainly leaves whoever wants to. 馃挜馃槞

– God is so good that instead of friends he gives us angels who take care of us and turn our tears into new reasons to smile! 馃挄馃槏

– If it goes wrong, we’ll find a way. If it breaks, we’ll fix it. If it messes up, we can clean it up. And, if everything ends, we start over. 馃挄

– Who does not know how to care, does not deserve to have. 馃挜

– Soft heart, hard life, so much beating, until it changes. 鉂

– Then you come… and you do me so well. 馃槏馃挒馃拸

– Pride yes, because I wasn’t born to beg anyone’s love. 馃憣馃憡

– There are days when I want to hug you and hit your face at the same time. 馃挄

– She was a flower that didn’t have in any florist, a flower that doesn’t bloom in any spring. 馃尡馃尰

– She learned that all love can end, except her own. 馃拋鉂ゐ煉

– Wrong or not, the path is mine and I choose 鉁

– She didn’t believe in angels, until she fell in love with one. 鈿○煉

– Sir, it’s hard to follow you, but it’s impossible to leave you.’

– Lady, you are the most beautiful poetry written by God, and in every smile you have his verses. 鉂

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(And after such a long time, I decided to come back with the STATUS and texts. Send requests to ASK in advance and I will do my best to answer all requests.)

Kisses! 馃槝

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