Phrases for Tumblr Photos + 60 captions • Dora’s Closet

Phrases and Subtitles for Tumblr - single photo - Armario da Dora

Phrases for Tumblr Photos + 60 captions • Dora’s Closet

You took THOSE amazing pictures, very Tumblr style, but now you don’t know what phrases to put in the caption?

Then you’ve come to the right place! We have separated more than 60 very interesting quotes for you to caption your new posted photos.

Ah! They’re also great for Tumblr statuses, as well as being used as captions on Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp.

Follow with us and see!

Phrases and Captions for Tumblr Photos

We’ve selected over 60 phrases and captions for Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp photos and wherever else you want to post!

Below you will see phrases for Tumblr photos:

  • By herself
  • Couple
  • of friends
  • On the beach

Important note:

All phrases are being reproduced from diverse internet sources found in our searches.
If you’re the author or author of any of them and you weren’t mentioned, that’s because we haven’t really located your name, ok?
So, get in touch, and we will definitely give you the credit 🙂

– tumblr photos alone

Phrases and Subtitles for Tumblr - single photo - Armario da Dora

Always be grateful for what you have, but never give up fighting for what you dream of.

I am not a person to give up at the first attempt, as I believe the greatest blessings are in store for those who strive to fight.

The sky is beautiful and the moon, too. Today I only let in what makes me feel good.

She doesn’t spread her plans, she just does.

I’m not very easy going…I admit it!

I’m stubborn, impulsive, a bit boring, a little jealous and I have level zero patience. 😅

But I am sincere, loyal, strong, authentic and true! I always fight for what I want.

The ideal is to be happy, not perfect.

Peace: keeping the mind still, even in the midst of chaos.

Rising in the body of a woman who never stopped trusting a girl’s soul.

There is so much inside us. So, my daily prayer is that more love will always fit.

Deliver me from the lack of smile, protect me from envy, guide me along the paths of goodness and let all my days be filled with joy….. amen!

Being intense is my essence.

If your heart is good, your whole body is light.

Cultivating self-love.

Of all the right directions in life, moving forward is what always takes us the farthest.

Rediscover yourself, rebalance yourself, rebuild yourself.

Use your smile to brighten up those dark days.

Embrace your transformations! After all, they are part of you!

Happiness is an instant and life is a breath.

As long as it makes sense, don’t stop. Even if your path goes against the tide, as long as there is purpose, don’t stop!

The thing is to start over, without fear of being disappointed again.

She is imperfect, but she is real.

Be you
For you
For you

The best of me I dedicate to myself.

Be your favorite poetry.

– tumblr couple photos

Phrases and Subtitles for Tumblr - couple photo - Armario da Dora

I don’t promise that everything we will experience will be perfect, but I can guarantee it will be worth it!

May we always be patient and surrender to each other.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs to be love, respect, dedication and companionship.

My best place is always you.

When I realized, your name was in my mind, in my mouth and in my prayers.

He is my protective angel, my strength in difficult days!

About our love, we are the ones who know.

Your madness feels a bit like mine.

Willing to get you a beautiful smile.

Love is when you look at the person and are sure you didn’t want anyone else there, regardless of the challenges.
Love is staying, rain or shine,
And I stand for you.
I stay for us.

Thinking about my happiness, I remembered you.

I know that everything God does will last forever. – Ecclesiastes 3:14.

I love you,
As sincerely as I know,
In the most beautiful, patient and loving way.
I love you,
Not because of what you have on the outside,
But what do you keep
Inside there.

Feeling good is when you realize you really mean something to someone.

– tumblr photos of friends

Phrases and Subtitles for Tumblr - friend photo - Armario da Dora

There are friends who are closer than sisters.

There are people who bring a truth and who make all the difference in our lives.

Easy is being a colleague, keeping someone company, saying what he wants to hear. It’s hard to be a friend at all times and always tell the truth when necessary. And with confidence in what he says.

It’s so good to have a friend who helps you and who is always by your side!

Eternal friendship is a meeting of souls who love each other so much that they cannot live far from each other.

Celebrating the friendships and encounters that life provides!

The good thing about life is finding friends who make great moments of a small moment!

When we are with friends we live beautiful moments that then warm our hearts with memories when we are away.

We are like sisters and, here, unconditional friendship is the watchword.

– tumblr photos on the beach

Phrases and Subtitles for Tumblr - beach photo - Armario da Dora

The best tranquilizer in the world is salt water.

From light to light, I became the sun itself.

I don’t know where happiness lives, but I suspect it has a view of the sea.

Explore life as the breeze explores the sea!

I like things that sparkle. From people of light! From people who know how to be the sun, even when life is cloudy.

Sea, sweet home.

Phrases for other Tumblr photos [Bônus]

Did you like it? There’s still more!

So, take a look at these other sentences we’ve separated for you to caption your photos:

You can shine intensely in your form with your originality and, for that, it is not necessary to overshadow the other! Each one has its own way, a difference, and that’s what makes everything so much more interesting.

Search, improve, because nothing can limit you, you will always be able to go beyond what everyone says!

To start the week with more affection and respect for who we are: a good dose of self-love!

Decide to be happy, what comes next is even more profit.

You may not control the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to get carried away by them.

Do whatever it takes to be happy. But, don’t forget that happiness is a simple feeling!
You can find it and let it go because you don’t realize its simplicity.

No girl needs beauty to be beautiful – after all, she just needs self-esteem, self-confidence and personality.

Everything you focus on expands!

Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow.

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