Phrases For Status And Captions For Photos ❤

Phrases For Status And Captions For Photos ❤ – Phrases For Nephews. 💜

01 – “The most beautiful thing in the world is having you here, my little prince.”

02 – “Auntie feels like the best woman in the world since you smiled at her.”

03 – “A true prince, the most beautiful thing I could have.”

04 – “The best thing is knowing that I will be able to see your growth, it makes me happy.”

05 – “My love, my scent, everything most beautiful that life has given me.”

06 – “I can’t even contain the tears in my eyes when I look at you like that, so small, helpless and mine.”

07 – “Life is sometimes hard on us, but it always reserves wonderful surprises for us, you are one.”

08 – “I never had a more wonderful sight than my little prince sleeping peacefully.”

09 – “You being well is without a doubt my greatest happiness.”

10 – “To be an aunt is to love unconditionally someone who did not come out of our belly, but was generated in our heart.”

11 – “Welcome is not even half of what I wanted to say to you, I just want to make it clear how much I need you to be happy now.”

12 – “May the world be an enlightened place for you and may hope, love and peace be your faithful companions for the rest of your life.”

13 – “Being an aunt is the same as not resisting a sly look and giving lap a thousand times.”

14 – “Nothing is more pleasurable than the moments I finally get to spend with you.”

15 – “Spending up all night telling stories is an indispensable task for super aunts.”

16 – “My love for you is impossible to put into words.”

17 – “Your diapers will be my biggest adventures from today.”

18 – “And God looked at me from heaven and thought, “I’ll send you a beautiful gift. That’s why you’re here.”

19 – “Who can explain the most beautiful feeling in the world?”

20 – “You brought me the peace of quiet days.”

21 – There is nothing more beautiful than when you smile.”

22 – “Nephews are fruits of our heart.”

23 – “I was lucky to have the most beautiful and affectionate niece on the entire planet.”

24 – “Thank you for being for me a means of finding peace in war.”

25 – “When you smile, it’s like my heart has found its place in the world.”

26 – “I love you more than I can love anyone else in the world.”

27 – “Not even the bogeyman has a chance with a super aunt.”

28 – “Your first steps are a real achievement for me.”

29 – “Thank you for making me a better person.”

30 – “I love every second I dedicate my love to you.”

31 – “My beautiful princess, my greatest asset, everything for me.”

32 – “The moment you were born, I discovered that the world could be any color I wanted.”

33 – “You bring peace.”

34 – “Your happiness has become (totally) mine.”

35 – “May the angels hear my prayer to God every day, and keep you in all your ways.”

36 – “Although I believe that I cannot love you more than I already do, I am always surprised.”

37 – “Whatever I can do to prevent you from finding any bad path, I will do it.”

38 – “I can’t live without you anymore, my princess.”

39 – “Know that in your aunt’s lap, you will always find comfort.”

40 – “So beautiful and dear, she pulled her aunt.”

41 – “Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiof of you.”

42 – “An aunt’s heart is never wrong.”


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