Phrases for Coworkers

Phrases for Coworkers

Phrases for Coworkers

“A person who wastes his time destroying a co-worker who is very good will never prosper. Especially if the individual does not have the initiative and courage to become a better professional”

Josianne Corrêa Cardoso

The greatest achievement we can achieve in our work, is to overcome obstacles, without making colleagues the barriers to be broken down. Dignity is essential, Humbleness is essential.

Souza, Alicio

Colleague for me is my job!
He stepped into my house, drank my coffee, he has to be my friend, otherwise he doesn’t need to visit me!

Glauber Arikener

“Work with a lot of love, helping all your co-workers, always motivating them. With that you will reach the top faster than you imagine”

Luigi Arruda

Whether at school or among co-workers, it is necessary to abandon the anti-play culture that makes us think and believe that we have to choose between playing and learning.

Edigleide Rabelo

Honestly, I am with my friends, with my co-workers, with the salesperson at the store who offers me a blouse that I would never wear.
With you I am true.

Karla Moreno

A dignified life is one where man lives at peace with his friends, relatives, co-workers, and family and with himself.


When relating to any person, boyfriend, neighbors, co-workers, observe if this person has self-esteem because if he doesn’t, you will have his plans disrespected, he will compete with you, humiliate you, imitate you and go out laughing, calling you stupid and without love.


It is hard!
we fight
works hard.
at work – colleague “hard finger”.
one real? I’m hard!
Life is hard!
The bed? is it hard?
its soft, can you?
in this life, not everything is hard;
not everything is a cakewalk.
but, when in life, it gets soft…
it’s hard to get hard!!


I once heard from a teacher: I don’t need a boss, I need my co-workers.

Daniel Melgaço

Do not confuse things…
Co-workers are neither friends nor therapists!
Stop talking about your personal life at the company.

Max Amadeus

Betrayal hurts…
Be it from a friend, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a co-worker.
It hurts and it hurts a lot. So before betraying someone’s trust, put yourself in the person’s shoes and think:
Would I like to get betrayed?

Murilo Moura

Those who do not contribute to a good environment at work, when they go on vacation, it is their colleagues who rest the most.


Those who feel the envy of co-workers, study colleagues, neighbors, friends and even family members should know that the most important thing is to preserve yourself, not to expose yourself to situations that provoke or accentuate this feeling.”

Enrique Rojas

There are no friends in the workplace. There are three types of people: Colleagues, Acquaintances, and Unknowns. Be careful with colleagues.

Wagner Consani Filho

If not you, your coworker, your friend next door or your cousin wants to be happy, with money and badass, but the poor thing is unhappy, owing a lot and boring.

Charles Cinnamon

⁠When all your friends and co-workers tell you that a person is no good, obey.
Otherwise, you’ll have to face them after you fall off your horse, if there’s one left by your side!

joze de goes

Friends in life,
shared the farewell,
but left their legacies,
thank you Orlando and Monjardim
or Scooby and Sausage,
you will never cease to exist.

Jefferson Freitas

Colleague, there are so many legal matters to talk about and are you going to talk soon about your work partner? ⁠

sincere nurse

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