Online store introduction text: How to create a description?

Online store introduction text: How to create a description?

Online store introduction text: How to create a description?

Online store introduction text: How to create a description?

When a customer accesses your online store, they expect to find all the information they need to buy from you. If your e-commerce is well organized, with a clear text to present the brand and products, the chances of you converting the visit into a sale are very high.

But how to do this? If you want to improve your online store introduction text to give your customers more confidence, read on. This text is for you!

What is the Importance of the Presentation Text?

The institutional text of a e-commerce Its main objective is to present the brand and tell a little about the company’s history.

This presentation is interesting both for customers who are already used to buying from you, and for new customers, who are entering your e-commerce for the first time.

The presentation text of an online store is the brand’s biggest business card. This content serves to convey trust to consumers, which is essential in any business relationship, and which becomes even more important in online commerce, since there is no direct contact between the consumer and the seller.

The virtual store presentation text should tell some facts about the company’s history, such as the year of creation and main motivations. In addition, it is interesting to disclose the CNPJ number and physical address.

Some online stores also include other texts in the section dedicated to the presentation, such as:

  • Privacy Policy;
  • Frequent questions;
  • Exchanges and returns.

Something that adds a lot of value is making a video telling the company’s story, thus, people feel a much greater bond and feel much more secure when making a purchase.

How to Organize the Online Store Presentation?

The virtual store presentation text must be very clear and objective, as the intention is to share with consumers about the company’s purpose and pass on credibility so that customers feel secure and motivated to buy from the brand.

Remember to include only key information about the business and try to use catchy language that instigates curiosity and gives pleasure while reading. Here are some tips for creating good text for the presentation section:


In this part, you should talk about the company Generally. Tell the year it was created, what was the motivation for starting the work, and tell small details that humanize the brand.

Here you can also highlight the store’s strengths, such as its own production or innovative character in the segment.

How to buy

This item is important to show new consumers how the purchase process in your e-commerce works. A good way to explain this is to create a detailed walkthrough, which is mainly for less experienced customers to feel secure.

Site map

The more complete a virtual store is, the more sections it will have. This is not a negative aspect, but it can leave some users a little lost. To make it easier for these people to navigate, it’s a good idea to create a site map.

How to Make the Online Store Presentation Text?

After all, how to create a great online store presentation text? First, you should be concerned with building an interesting text, with a narrative that catches the readers’ attention and motivates them to read.

If you look for some references on the internet of presentation texts from virtual stores, you will see that the best contents they are those that arouse empathy and identification of customers with the brand.

This can be done by telling about some initial difficulties that were overcome over time, or even with some remodeling that the company had to go through to stay in the Marketplace.

But be careful not to go on the drama side. The text should be light and demonstrate that the brand is mature enough to have already overcome these mishaps. Also, be brief. This is the great challenge of the introductory text: telling a good story objectively.

Preserve the Quality of the Virtual Store Presentation Text

When writing the texts for your online store, it is likely that you will have some doubts about the language that will be adopted. Is it better to use technical terms or more common words? Is it preferable to formulate a more creative or more institutional text?

There is no single answer to these questions. It will all depend on the target Audience of your business. For this, you will need to reflect on whether the people who access your online store are laypersons or professionals, and, furthermore, whether they belong to a more traditional or more contemporary group.

The main purpose of any text in your ecommerce is to be understood. Therefore, create a language for your brand, which will be the voice in all publications. Another tip is to always proofread before publishing.

Often, when we stay immersed in a text for a long time, we don’t notice small errors.

Examples of Online Store Presentation Text

So that you can see in a practical way how you can build the presentation text for your online store, we are going to show two examples. The first is for an online cosmetics store and the second is for an online clothing store. Check out:

Text for Cosmetics Store

“In January 2015, sisters Paula and Júlia decided to produce natural cosmetics to increase the family’s income. The first creations were well received by street fairs in Recife and motivated the sisters to go further.

In six months, they created the Maria do Brasil brand and started selling online. In the first months, shipping only covered the northeast, but they soon realized that they needed to create good logistics to ship to other regions of the country.

Currently, Maria do Brasil serves all Brazilian states and has shipped products to more than 64 cities. Its main differentials are the quality of inputs, purchased directly from local producers, and environmental awareness at all stages of production.”

Text for Clothing Store

“The taste for fashion made Ana Rita interested in catwalk trends since she was a little girl, but her excess weight has always prevented her from wearing beautiful and comfortable clothes. For this reason, Ana Rita decided to study sewing and create her own brand, focused on dressing plus size people with comfort and elegance.

In 2014, Ana Rita launched the Corte e Costura brand, which manufactures women’s clothing from sizes 46 to 54. In 2016, the business migrated to the online market and, since then, has shipped the goods to all states in Brazil.

To ensure that consumers buy clothes of the correct size, and can enjoy the comfort and elegance proposed, Ana Rita produces photographs from all angles of the items. The entrepreneur also uses complementary videos and discloses the detailed measurements of each item.”

What Can’t Miss in the Virtual Store Presentation?

Another great way to connect with the customer in e-commerce text is to present the company’s views. This can be done with the disclosure mission, vision and values ​​of the business.

Remember that, to build consumer confidence, these texts must be well written and, more than that, they must be adopted in practice.


To write about your company’s mission, you should reflect on why you started the business, what the company offers the customer, and who your target audience is. In short, the mission corresponds to the purpose of the company’s existence.


To talk about the company’s vision, you must think about the long-term business prospects. In other words, reflect on the place you want to occupy in the coming years. In short, the vision is responsible for giving direction to the business.


In turn, to talk about the company’s values, you must reflect on the purpose of the business. In other words, what are the main motivations of the brand. In general, the customer seeks to consume brands that have similar values ​​to theirs.

How to make the Product Description?

A good product description is essential to provide all the information the customer needs to make a purchase in an online store.

Let’s take a simple example: if a consumer wants to buy a basic black t-shirt, they need to know, at least, the measurements, the type of fabric and the washing and care instructions.

If these assumptions are fundamental for the purchase of such a common product, you can already imagine the need for a complete description for much more complex products, right?

Therefore, the more detailed a description is, the greater the chances of converting that visit to the online store into a sale. A detail: just as the introductory text must captivate customers, the description text must also.

This does not mean that it has to be long or persuasive, but that it has to have a pattern, so that the consumer indirectly feels that the store’s products also follow that pattern.

In addition, a good description has the ability to rank the web store better in search engines like Google.

In other words, the better structured the description of that black shirt we talked about above, the greater the chances that people who search for a black shirt on Google will find it.

Here are some tips to make a good description:

  • Use the most searched keywords that are related to the product;
  • Show the product’s advantages and talk about the problems it will solve;
  • Highlight the technical characteristics and relevant information about the product;
  • Explain how the product can be used;
  • Include real accounts from other customers.

Online Store Description Examples

You may have already noticed that the description of the products in an online store is as – or more – important than the description of the brand itself. A detailed description encourages the customer to make purchases and aligns expectations with the product.

Thus, the risk of consumers being disappointed when they have the order in their hands is very small. Here is an example of text for cosmetics store and clothing store:

Description for Online Clothing Store

The T-shirt Maré is made for those who want comfort for their daily lives. It is produced with natural cotton threads, planted and dyed in the north of the country. Its fabric absorbs sweat without causing discomfort.

The fabric is pre-washed, which ensures that the shirt will not shrink after the first wash. Its cut is straight and its collar is in a V shape. Available colors: light blue, dark blue, black, gray and white.

Description for Cosmetics Online Store

Maria do Brasil’s solid shampoos are produced with natural ingredients from the north and northeast of the country. The composition prioritizes the use of essential oils and organic and non-allergenic inputs.

All products are paraben-free and contain no ingredients of animal origin.

Quantity: 600g

Natural aromas of: mango, forest fruits and mint

How to Make Subtitles for Opening a Online Store?

if you are thinking of open an e-commerce and you have already realized the importance of adopting good communication in your business, you must be wondering how you can make a good caption for the opening of a virtual store, right?

First, you should think about which channels will promote your online store. In general, social media is a good way to introduce a new business.

In addition, you will be able to send a message to your contacts from Whatsapp telling about the news.


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