New horror movies of 2019: TOP-10 of the best plots

The most popular and demanded films are horror films. Thanks to them, many people get adrenaline, especially if watching a movie in a movie theater on a big screen. But, unfortunately, it is very difficult to find a good film of this genre at this time. This conclusion was led by the underestimated ratings and reviews of people. This article offers some of the best horror movies to come out and will hit TV screens in 2019. With the help of our article, you can easily find the desired and interesting film to watch.

Claustrophobes: a horror movie featuring a survival game

Release date: February 7, 2019

Country: United States of America

Starring: Jay Ellis, Logan Miller, Taylor Russell

Six people who are completely unfamiliar to each other decide to take part in the game, where there is a considerable cash prize on the canoe. To receive a reward, participants need to complete several difficult tasks. After a special selection, it seemed to all players that they got into the game not by mere chance. Most importantly, there will be only one winner, but what will happen to the rest if the game is for survival?

“We”: a horror film in which danger threatens not one person, but the whole family

Release date: March 28, 2019

Country: Japan, United States of America

Starring roles: Winston Duke, Lupita Nyong’o, Elisabeth Moss and many others.

Once upon a time, a girl named Adelaide, lost in the park, accidentally saw a girl very similar to herself. You could say it was like her double. After many years, being already a girl, she, together with her parents, comes again to the same city. Everything seemed to be going great, but when night fell, some people in red robes appeared in their yard. They are trying every way to get into Adelaide’s house. These hostile individuals are like two peas in a pod.

“The Curse of the Weeping One”: a motion picture about a woman who killed her own children

Release date: April 18, 2019

Country: United States of America

Main roles: Roman Cristu, Linda Cardellini, Janey-Lynn Kinchen

For many years, a legend about a crying woman has been circulating in Mexico. She allegedly drowned her children in a desperate state. Soon realizing what she has done, La Llorona throws herself into the water where the children were thrown. Since that time, a terrible ghost of that very woman has been wandering the Mexican streets in search of her own babies. Her hatred and evil grows more and more every time. The turn came to visit the family of Anna Garcia. Now danger threatens her beloved children.

“Pet Sematary”: a film about a scary legend, about dead animals

Release date: April 4, 2019

Country: United States of America

Starring: Amy Simetz, Jason Clarke, John Lithgow

Louis Creed is offered a position as a doctor at a rural college. Taking the whole family, he settles near the forest in a small house. The whole family is happy with the move. The only thing that worried them was the Indian settlement, which had long been abandoned. Local residents from this place made a cemetery for burying animals. After a while, the family pet dies under the wheels of a large car. His remains were buried in the cemetery, which was located next to the house. But after several days the animal comes home and at the same moment the doctor’s daughter dies by his stupid death. Then it turns out that all the animals buried in the terrible cemetery come for the souls of the owners and all family members.

“Silence”: a motion picture where silence really can save a person’s life

Release date: April 10, 2019

Country: Germany, United States of America

Main roles: Kiernan Shipka, Miranda Otto, Stanley Tucci

Abandoned caves have been discovered in Pennsylvania. While conducting research, scientists discovered unknown transparent bats. They do not see, but they identify their victims by sound. Such blood-sucking monsters simply flooded the territory of North America. There is only one salvation – silence.

Play or Die: a movie that turns the game into a real hell

Release date: May 10, 2019

Country: Belgium

Starring Roxanne Mesquida, Maria Zabukovek Palmer Rothwell

Imagining their life without extreme, a young couple Chloe and Lucas decide to take part in an unusual game. The quest has no boundaries between reality and fiction. After going through several stages, the young couple gets into the final tests. The game takes place in a long-forgotten hospital for the mentally ill. There they meet with four more players. Competitions go beyond all boundaries. The one who survives will win.

Burn, Burn Clear: Fantastic Thriller About Supernatural Abilities

Release date: June 29, 2019

Country: United States of America

Starring: David Denman, Elizabeth Banks, Jackson A. Dunn

Ever since childhood, Brandon had the feeling that he was some kind of special person. As an adult, he decided to raise this topic in conversation with his father and mother. Here the secret was revealed. The boy turned out to be not their own child. They found him near the family farm on the day the meteorite fell there. After the conversation, the guy realized that he was a representative of the other world (dark forces). All these years he had to hide from people his true face and anger tearing from within.

Polaroid: detective …

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