Message from 1st Meversary

Today we celebrate your 1st month

Message from 1st Meversary – Happy Birthday

  • Today we celebrate your 1st month

    Today we celebrate your 1st month

    Today we celebrate your 1st messenger! You arrived and brought with you days full of joy, and made our hearts overflow with love.

  • Phrase that shows how beautiful it is to have a baby. So, don’t forget to celebrate this 1 month!

    Your 1 messenger has arrived! The moment you were born, I found the world could be any color I wanted. 🌈

  • Happy 1 Month of Life My Love!

    Happy 1 Month of Life My Love!

    You arrived and brought with you days full of joy, and made our hearts overflow with love! Happy 1 month to live!

  • Sea of ​​Love and Transformation in My Life

    Sea of ​​Love and Transformation in My Life

    It’s been 1 month since you arrived and brought a sea of ​​love and transformation into my life I love you my Angel!

  • Regardless of the theme of this 1 messenger, what cannot be lacking is love

    Today we celebrate your 1st messenger! His smile awakens joy, and his gaze calms. It is like an angel himself, who has the power of good, carries the gift that is the innocence and purity of a child. You are a part of me, and by far the best part. 🎊

  • For pictures of this first messenger, a beautiful caption

    You arrived and brought with you days full of joy, and made our hearts overflow with love! Happy 1 month to live! πŸ’•

  • Designed for your baby who is so loved

    It seems that yesterday I was enjoying my big belly and just dreaming of how you would be, and today you have completed your 1st month! πŸ₯°

  • Curious how children grow so fast and do us so well, right?

    Today you complete your 1 meversary! It feels like yesterday, the days have passed so fast that I’m afraid I’m not enjoying enough of the delight it is to have you here. 😍

  • Express all the love that you have within you in this mesversary

    And today is 1 month since you arrived! 1 month full of cuteness, affection, baby smell and lots of love love. Love you! ❀

  • For your child who is completing their first month today

    You enchant, fall in love, and so naturally awaken the best inside me. Happy messenger, son! πŸ’™

  • Show that you want the best for this child for his entire life with this beautiful phrase

    May the angels hear my prayer to God every day and keep you in all your ways. Live to your first month of life! πŸ‘Ά

  • From the parents to the daughter with a lot of affection, look

    Has God been so generous with our lives, given us a baby as special as you, so happy, so smiling? The other day we dreamed of having you here and now you have completed your first month. We love you! 🌺

  • Greater than the care we have for a baby, only the love they make us feel

    I love every second I dedicate my love to you. Happy 1 month to live! ❀️

  • Send the best wishes to this 1st messenger of the baby you love so much

    Happy 1st messenger! May your days be perfect, may God bless you, protect you and fill you with joy! ✨

  • For a child who has been so good for you from a young age

    Thank you for being for me a means of finding peace in war. Happy 1 month to live! ❀

  • This is for you to dedicate to a very loved and special baby in your life.

    May I always be there to support you, pamper you and accompany your growth! Happy 1 Messenger! πŸ₯°

  • Take advantage of this messenger to express all your love and affection

    Since you were born, words lost their meaning and love became new. 1 messenger, 1 month of a lot of love. πŸ’•

  • Show how happy you are for this special date

    I love you absurdly, unconditionally, infinitely! Your first month of life is a gift to me! 😍

  • When it comes to babies, one month is more than enough to change us.

    Thank you for making me a better person in just one month of life! ❀

  • With all the love a baby deserves to receive, look

    I love you more than I can love anyone else in the world, happy 1 month to live. πŸ‘§πŸ»πŸ’•

  • For you who are a mother, dedicate to your baby on this first month

    Your 1 messenger! God set up a beautiful story for Mom, and you are part of it; πŸ™

  • This one shows how much this day is meaningful to you

    My love, my scent, everything most beautiful that life has given me, congratulations on your 1st messenger! πŸ’“πŸ‘ΆπŸ»

  • Express all your love to celebrate this messiah in the best way!

    My love, today we celebrate your 1 merversary! I can’t live without you anymore. ❀

  • I love Admiring your Evolution, my Little One!

    You transform me every day, each learning from you is also something I learn, each daily discovery is also a discovery about my life. I never thought that someone so small could teach me so much, but you came to show me that I was wrong.

    Today we celebrate your 1st meversary and I couldn’t be happier about it! Know that I will be here in every moment of your life, I want to accompany your first step, your first word, everything. Love you!

  • Son, your life gave meaning to mine

    When I first saw you, I understood the true meaning of the word love. You arrived to transform my life, inaugurated a unique feeling in my chest. Now it’s you and me forever, my son. May your life be always bright as you left mine, in addition to being filled with joy and reasons to believe that tomorrow can be better. I love you and it is with great pride that I celebrate your 1st messenger!

  • All the Changes You’ve made were worth it

    It’s been a month since I got the best gift ever, you in my life. You arrived by turning my life inside out and showing that the inside out is my best side, I thank you for that and for everything you represent.

    Now I wake up earlier, I have more daily chores, I sleep less, but on top of that I have a lot of love and happiness in my life, that’s what matters most. Happy 1st messenger!

  • My Niece, I will always be by your side! Love you!

    Today you complete a month of life, is your first month bringing joy to my heart. Since you got here everything is happiness. There hasn’t been a day when joy hasn’t at least passed through my heart.

    I now count the days for your life, I found meaning in my own time by following your growth. My niece, I wish the time would pass very slowly for me to enjoy you even more. I love you, I will be with you forever.

  • Your Life Has Brought Us Much Happiness!

    It was just you arriving for the joy to overflow in this home. That’s why, for 1 month, we’ve been happier and more fulfilled, you arrived bringing beautiful feelings and rekindling sensations that I didn’t even remember existing.

    Therefore, to celebrate this first month of your life, I cling to the best wishes so that they reach you and never cease to be part of your life, which is just beginning. Happy 1st messenger, be always happy!

  • I want to be by your side in every moment

    Today you complete 1 month of life, it’s your first messenger! Waiting for you for so many months was such a mixture of anxiety and love that now, with you here, I realize that what I had was just a preview of how much love I can feel, allied also with a lot of gratitude for your life!

    May I always be by your side, accompany your progress, each special and memorable moment that you still have to experience, and may they always be lived in the company of great happiness. Congratulations!

  • You’re Much Loved Already Baby

    1 month of life… I never thought that such a short time would represent so many good feelings for my life! Since its birth, my days have been one of change, rush, adaptation, tiredness but above all, satisfaction, love and a lot of gratitude.

    For your first celebration outside here, I wish you could already realize how much you are loved and dear, how special your life is, and how much I love you. I will always be here to be a source of support when you need it, happy meversary!

  • For My Little Niece, the Best of Life

    My beautiful niece, my little one, today we celebrate her 1st messenger and I couldn’t be happier! His arrival did a lot of good for our whole family and since then, everything has an even more special meaning, vibrates in a more positive way and there is a motivation; Be the best for you and for you!

    May you feel happy, have fun, discover the world and know that, for each new path you choose to take, you can always count on my mother to support and guide you when necessary. Happy life!

  • The beginning of your life is my happiness

    Today I celebrate 1 month of my baby’s life. From the discovery that was waiting for you until now, a lot has already happened and I know that there is still a lot to happen, but by your side, my little one, I feel prepared to experience all that is new, to overcome obstacles and walk paths that are still unknown .

    I will always be looking for the best for you, valuing your happiness because now, it is also mine. I know you still don’t understand much, but I will insist on reaffirming my love since always, son!

  • Son, I promise to do everything to make you happy

    What a special day I can celebrate 1 month of my son’s life, how beautiful it is to know that he is now here discovering the world with his attentive gaze and how exciting it is to know that his life is the greatest gift I could ever have. receive.

    Son, may the happiness I feel today always be part of your life, may you become happier with each discovery and never get tired of discovering the world, because it is already yours. Happy messiah!

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