Medium haircut: 40 looks that ooze style

average haircut

Medium haircut: 40 looks that ooze style

The medium haircut is a common choice for most women. Chances are, at some point in your life you have had or will have your locks like this, roughly from the neck to just below the shoulders.

average haircut

This medium length makes the look elegant, light and youthful. To help you choose the type of cut that suits you best, we have separated 40 looks for you to be inspired by before running to the beauty salon.

Medium straight haircut

This is definitely a length that puts a lot of emphasis on straight strands and creates a nice frame for the face. You can’t go wrong!

medium hair

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Medium wavy haircut

In this case, the wavy strands gain a lot of prominence, highlighting the facial features and leaving you full of personality. It’s a guaranteed success!

medium hair

Medium Curly Haircut

If you’re looking for a wilder, freer and bolder look, this option fits like a glove. Let’s enhance the female curls and rock out there!

medium hair

Medium Curly Haircut

It’s the ideal length for anyone who wants to grow a black power powerful and enhance the frizzy locks. Without a doubt, a look with a lot of personality style!

Check out 5 methods to keep your hair incredible

medium hair

Haircut simulator: we test the best. Check out!

Don’t be afraid to be daring when cutting the wires

Are you enjoying our suggestions? So here’s the tip for those who want to cut their hair and still haven’t got the courage. Always remember that if the result is not exactly as you intended, in a short time, the hair will grow back.

But if you are really unsure of putting the scissors in and getting a drastic result, cut the strands little by little, and as you feel safe, reduce the length over time.

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Medium haircut with bangs

For those who like them, the fringe matches perfectly with shoulder-length hair. The look is chic and elegant. Why not try?

medium hair

Fringes: see the before and after of the famous who adopted this style

Medium chopped haircut

The favorite of those looking for a modern and cool look. The pebbled can go from the fringe to the ends, creating a lot of movement in the hair and harmonizing well with your lines.

The best haircuts for a round face

medium hair

The best cuts for those with long hair

Medium layered haircut

The layers accentuate the cut, usually from ear height down, creating waves and making the hair fuller. It’s an option that always counts.

medium hair

Short hair: renew your look with cuts that are on the rise

Medium long bob haircut

The favorite cut of fashionistas is increasingly on the rise, especially for women looking for a modern and trendy look! Did you like it? So see other options here.

medium hair

medium chanel haircut

A beautiful chanel never goes out of style. It can be very short, at the height of the neck, or a little bigger. The ideal choice depends on each woman’s taste.

Chanel hair: check out modern and up-to-date options

medium hair

The best flat irons for you to choose

Medium straight haircut

If you want to keep the strands in a traditional and yet very sophisticated cut, make them straight, aligned and very symmetrical. But be careful with the volume! It is possible that you will need to resort to a dryer or thermal board to tame the strands.

medium hair

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