Male Haircuts to Disguise Baldness

Male Haircuts to Disguise Baldness

Male Haircuts to Disguise Baldness

Hair loss often affects us and we only notice it when we’ve lost some hair, so there’s nothing more interesting than using haircuts to disguise baldness while treatments don’t give the result we expect!

It is worth remembering that once the hair is lost, that is, the skin is left with nothing, no fuzz, no treatment will cause hairs to grow (except implant), but when treating with minoxidil and finasteride, for example, you can delay the fall and improve the existing wires, giving even the impression of fewer entries for having more thick wires.


But back to haircuts, I want to remind you that the following examples are not on bald people, but these cuts are interesting for those with baldness and I’ll explain to you why in each one πŸ˜€

Haircuts to disguise baldness

Press play above!

In doubt about the best way to comb your hair and disguise baldness? Get connected in the tips below!


Men’s cuts with the top thrown forward

The Caesar cut is a great example of how the style pushed forward, even with shorter hair length, helps a lot to disguise the entrances.

You can do the caesar with a shaved ball and a long beard. Stay show!

The male wavy and curly hair also looks cool in this forward-looking footprint


Men’s haircuts with tufts

The cut with volume tuft between the side and the top is perfect for you to appear to have no entrances!

When you comb to form the topknot, you need to play the strands from back to front, disguising the entrances.

Men’s cuts with volume at the top

Hair with volume at the top can be disconnected too


You can even use a fade cut, but I opt for volume already from the shading/disguising

Whatever your type of yarn, this tip works πŸ˜€

See also: How to make the men’s topknot?

To uncomplicate it I’ll show you a step-by-step with 3 steps explaining how to make the men’s topknot, click here and check it out!


Avoid shaved haircuts reaching the top

Avoid scraped cuts such as fade and undercut (disguised and gradient) that go too high towards the top

Avoid these types of men’s short cuts as much as possible! As Justin Timberlake doesn’t have baldness, it looks great, but in those who do, the result is the head looking like an egg lol

Avoid masculine cuts with stripes at the top

The stripe at the junction of the side with the top shows its entrance and ends up making the face more oval


Do you have baldness? break away from the stripes on the top and side motto!

Watch out for cuts pulled back at the top

Here is a face of two “vegetables” as they say in popular. The bun helps a lot to disguise the crown, the area on the back of the head that connects to the top and that tends to suffer the effects of male hair loss.

However, in bun pulling the wires back you will highlight the entries, so pay close attention to which area you most want to disguise. It is worth remembering that those who have androgenetic alopecia tend to have hair loss in both parts at the same time.


So, did you enjoy checking out these tips with haircuts to disguise baldness? I hope I was helpfull! Don’t forget to talk to the barber so that he understands what to do with your haircut πŸ˜€

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