How to talk about haircut without mentioning the famous male gradient? It is the basis of the main cuts and hairstyles for men. If you want a fashion cut, you can’t run away from it.

Gradient has many different names. Here where I live we call it disguised, shaded or “little disguise”. The term most used by barbers is fade, which is nothing more than a gradient in English.

Which is? It is a cutting technique that can be done with scissors, machine or razor. It is the transition in the height of the cut, going from the lowest to the highest. The picture above perfectly details the gradient.

When I talked about gradients in the past, very few barbers did. I remember the comments asking, “do you know any barbers to make this cut?”. Yeah, I’m getting old! Now in every barbershop they make this cut.

Enough talk! Let’s get to know the most amazing and stylish gradients?

Gradient with risk

This is a scratched gradient. It is a cut that has the risk made with the knife or the machine.

The razor part is the best known type of cut. In it the line is in the forehead area.

Other risks can be made. It doesn’t have to be just one line. You can dare with a design on the side or a line that goes from the forehead to the eyebrow.

If you want something more discreet, you can make a small scratch on the back of the neck. Everything is valid! The style is yours!

Gradient with bangs

This is one of my favorites. A fringe cut provides an out-of-the-ordinary style. The fringe can be small or larger, as you prefer. The ideal is to ask your barber to give your bangs a slight prick so that it doesn’t get too straight, “sticky” style.

Who said curly hair can’t wear bangs? Let the hair grow, curl the strands and throw it forward. It will just need patience and great care as he grows up.

scraped gradient

This type of cut is also called a razor cut or gradient on the knife. The barber starts the disguise very softly using machine zero and then ends it with the razor. Some specific machines leave more “zeroed” than the blade.

This is a very difficult technique to execute perfectly.

Curly hair gradient

Nudred is a sponge to “curl” frizzy hair. It has a sponge to make the bunch looser and others more curled. It is ideal for afro hair or black people.

Curly hair gradient

It’s not just any barber who tinkers with curly or wavy hair. Because of the waves, the disguise is more difficult to be done, but nothing but patience and experience to be perfect.

Curly hair allows for more varied styles of cuts. You can wear a bun, fringe, long or short hair.

short gradient

Short gradient, also known as taper fade. Another one of the infinite variations of the gradient. The disguise starts at the foot, very short. The back ends the disguise. In the photos you can see it in more detail.

Gradient cut step by step

It is impossible to teach this technique just by speaking. I selected the three best videos teaching step by step to make the gradient.

Tutorial made by barber Thagner Ramos, teaching the gradient in V.

This tutorial is English, but it teaches the technique very easily and objectively in just 4 minutes. Without too much fuss. Even though the language is not Portuguese, those who already work in the area are easy to understand.

Barber Barbosa’s video is more detailed. Teach the most explained step by step. Ideal for beginners.

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