Makeup for the Bridesmaid

Makeup for the Bridesmaid - Tips, Photos and Tutorials

Makeup for the Bridesmaid – Tips, Photos and Tutorials

Anyone who is, has been or will be someone’s bridesmaid should know the basics: this is the bride’s day! Therefore, your dress, hair and makeup cannot (by no means!) compete with the bride’s. Come with me and learn how to make a beautiful makeup for a bridesmaid.

Prohibited colors for the dress are white (which is exclusive to the bride, now, if she chooses not to wear white, it’s her thing) and black (after all, is it a wedding or a wake?). Choose a dress that is discreet and tasteful. Usually the bridesmaids talk to each other about the colors of the dress so that they are not repeated. Unless this is a requirement of the bride.

However, this guide is intended to guide you on the type of makeup for bridesmaids. With it you will become an expert in makeup for bridesmaids. Here we’ll cover the right makeup for daytime and nighttime ceremonies; we’ll talk about the best makeup for each type of dress, and we’ll teach you how to do it respecting your skin tone. Ready? Come on!

Makeup for the Bridesmaid - Tips, Photos and Tutorials

Makeup for Bridesmaids of the Day

Here common sense must be used. No heavy makeup, but choose to wear something glamorous, appropriate for the occasion.

  • 1. First of all prepare the skin. Wash it with specific soap for the face, dry with a soft towel, tone and apply sunscreen.
  • 2. After skin preparation, correct imperfections with concealer. Spend it on dark circles, pimples and blemishes. The concealer should be applied with your fingertips and lightly tapping the area.
  • 3. Apply foundation to the T-zone (forehead and nose) and cheekbones and chin. The foundation is intended to even out the skin color.
  • 4. With the help of a brush, apply compact powder all over the face, in order to remove all the shine from the skin. If you have dry skin, you can skip this step.
  • 5. Opt for light shades, appropriate for your skin tone.
  • 6. Use an eyelash curler to give an up on the eyelashes (or use false eyelashes), then pass up to two layers of black mask.
  • 7. To give a healthy look, apply brightening blush only to the cheekbones.
  • 8. On the lips, opt for a lipstick that matches your skin tone and finish with a sparkling gloss.

Makeup for Bridesmaid 2Photo: Freepik

Makeup for Bridesmaids at Night Weddings

Here you can be a little more daring and use striking tones.

  • 1. Same procedures as items 1 to 4 for makeup during the day.
  • 2. Choose a strong color eyeshadow, like brown for example, and apply it only to the eyelids.
  • 3. With a fine brush, apply a thin layer of this same shadow close to the lower lashes.
  • 4. Run a black pencil across the underside of your eyes.
  • 5. With this same pencil, trace the outer corner of the eyelids.
  • 6. To lift your eyes, blur this line upwards with the help of a round-tipped brush.
  • 7. Carefully pass the eyeliner close to the upper lashes.
  • 8. As we carry the look, the ideal is to smooth the lips, that’s why, with a brush, apply a lipstick the color of the mouth.
  • 9. Only on the cheekbones, apply a skin-colored blush.

Right Makeup for Every Dress

Here, you must harmonize your makeup according to the dress you choose. See below for some tips:

Light dresses:

If you choose dresses with light tones, such as beige, pastel or nude, it is best to opt for a more striking makeup. Because if you combine a light dress + light makeup = a child’s face.

Dresses in golden tones:

Here it is necessary to know very well what you are doing. Any slip can make you look over the top. If, even so, you opt for dresses of that color, bet on black and brown eyeshadows. Golden shades are also welcome, but you need to know how to switch so the colors don’t compete with each other.

Makeup for Bridesmaid 7Photo: Freepik

Dark Dresses:

Here you can abuse the mask, but you should keep it in the shade. Make your eyes less marked.

Dresses in yellow, red, or orange tones:

Choose make-up in aubergine or oil blue shades.

Greenish dress:

Choose makeups in brown, purple or gold.

Right Makeup for Every Skin

Now let’s talk a little about the right makeup for each skin tone for bridesmaids.

Godmothers with fair skin:

In order not to look fake, opt for lighter makeup, in orange, yellow and red tones.

Godmothers with brown skin:

Choose lipsticks in orange, brown, chocolate or bronze. For blush, opt for coffee or wine tones.

Oriental godmothers:

Use foundations in brown, red or mauve shades. In the shadows, opt for gray and navy blue. For cheekbones, use antique pink or plum blush. On lips, opt for dull lipsticks.

Makeup for Bridesmaid 1Photo: Freepik

Godmothers with black skin:

Blackberry, plum, wine or coffee base will make all the difference. Dark shades of chocolate, bronze or mahogany in the eyes. On your lips, choose bright colors like cherry red or classics like nude beige. As we saw here, there are many makeup options for bridesmaids.

See more about Black Skin Makeup.

Final considerations

Now that you know what to wear and how to make up for the wedding, see below some things that the bridesmaid is responsible for:

  • Accompany and guide the bride during her choice of dress.
  • Helping the bride with the wedding preparations.
  • To be responsible for the bachelorette night and the bridal shower.
  • Support the bride on her wedding day.
  • Check if after dressed and made up, the bride is in perfect physical and emotional condition to climb the altar.
  • Anyway, the bride’s godmother, on this very special day, is like her second mother.

Makeup for the Bridesmaid 6Photo: Freepik

By following these tips, you’ll rock the party, and for sure, you’ll be another beauty in your friend’s bridal album! The most important thing is that you feel good about what you’re wearing. Also remember to talk to the newlyweds about how to dress, do their hair, or put on makeup. In some weddings, the bride and groom demand a pattern for all bridesmaids….

After getting the details right, it’s time to celebrate the celebration in the best possible way and, of course, very beautiful!

See more photos of makeup for bridesmaids

Makeup for Bridesmaid 5Photo: FreepikMakeup for Bridesmaid 3Photo: Freepik

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