Makeup for Graduation Party, Wedding, Ballad

Makeup for Graduation Party, Wedding, Ballad

Makeup for Graduation Party, Wedding, Ballad

For those who like makeup, nothing is more fun than having a party to go to, as the makeup plans start weeks before.

If you’re getting ready to attend a graduation, wedding or club, check out our party makeup tips.

It has options for all tastes and styles, it’s worth checking it out!

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Party Makeup Tips

Makeup for Graduation Party, Wedding, Ballad

Graduation Party Makeup

When the invitation to a graduation party arrives, it’s normal to be a little insecure about the look to be used, because as it is a more formal social event, it’s not good to arrive with very flashy makeup, but vanity doesn’t allow you to forget about the look, right?

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makeup tips for party

The best tactic is to make a makeup that values ​​for leaving the skin flawless with full coverage of dark circles and blemishes choosing a focal point.

You can wear dark lipstick or bet on a good eyeliner. Doing natural make-up is a good option for anyone who wants to be daring in the dress.

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Basic Party Makeup – Step by Step

Prom Party Makeup Ideas

Below you can check out a video tutorial explaining how to make a party make up basic, that is, that wild makeup for when an event comes up at the last minute or when you just want to wear a more natural look.

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Makeup in Golden Shades for Graduation Party

Gold is a shade that reigns in party makeup and is always welcome, especially for late night engagements.

golden makeup for graduation party

Below you can check a make-up option with this tone to rock the look. The most interesting thing is that the gold of the makeup goes well with different colors of dresses such as black, red, nude, among others.

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Make with Blue

The more daring ones can opt for a little more color in the makeup for graduation party. The tip is to know how to use the vibrant tone, in this case blue, in an elegant way that doesn’t get heavy.

blue makeup for graduation party

The lightness of the rest of the makeup as well as the way in which the hair of actress Marina Ruy Barbosa (the inspiration for the video) is tied up make this option very interesting.

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makeup for wedding

Some wedding parties are more informal, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t worry about makeup.

As it is a celebration party, it is important that the look is more cheerful, try not to weigh your hand so much in very dark smoked dishes.

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makeup for wedding party

Also pay attention to the party time, for the morning and afternoon the best is a look betting on natural skin and little pencil and eyeliner.

For parties at night, you should bet on marking eyes and lips more so that they stand out in the photos.

Obviously, the choice of make depends on other factors such as the dress you are going to wear and whether you are just a guest or whether you will be in a prominent position as a godmother, for example.

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Makeup for the Bridesmaid

makeup ideas for wedding party

To look good at the altar as a godmother, it’s important to wear makeup that, while being powerful, doesn’t steal the bride’s scene.

In this video you will see how to use shadow to give more depth to your look.

Make For Day Wedding Option

When the wedding you were invited to takes place during the day, it is important to find a makeup that matches the occasion and does not look strange in the photos.

makeup ideas for day wedding

In addition to finding the ideal shades, you’ll need to think about practical issues like making sure your skin doesn’t get oily during the ceremony.

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Make-up For Wedding Night

When the ceremony takes place at night, it is important to invest in more powerful makeup and with a little more shine.

Makeup ideas for wedding night

As night dresses and accessories are more showy a make up need to follow along so you’re ready to stand out in the right way.

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make up for ballad

The club is the place where you can practice the best of party makeup full of power with lots of shine, powerful lipstick and kitty liner.

Party Makeup Ideas

After all, if you don’t use all these make-up tools in a club where you will, right?

Enjoy the freedom that the club gives to test new makeup possibilities that can be used for other parties.

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Black Smoky

For those who want a more chic look to rock the club, the tip is to invest in a good black smoky eye.

Camila Coelho wearing makeup for a ballad

With this makeup trick you can transform any look and create a powerful look. The coolest thing is that doing this smoky is not difficult and in a few minutes you look great to go out with friends or boyfriend.

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Make Mouth Everything and Eye Almost Nothing

Dark lipstick fans know it can be a little difficult to coordinate lip color with eyeliner.

makeup tips for clubbing

That’s why we chose this video to help you find the balance of an eye that has a touch of makeup, but is more discreet with a powerful mouth.

The tip is that you can combine this makeup with any shade of lipstick.

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Ballad Makeup “Doing Egyptian”

So that the ballad is even more interesting in terms of make up, it’s interesting to do a thematic make up.

Egyptian makeup

Egyptian makeup creates a powerful look because it allows the contour of the eyes that not only makes them bigger but also makes them look more alive.

Watch the video and learn how to make this make-up.

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