Makeshift Women’s Halloween Costumes: Get Inspired by 15 Ideas

improvised female halloween costumes

Makeshift Women’s Halloween Costumes: Get Inspired by 15 Ideas

Anyone who thinks they need to spend a lot on production to have fun on Halloween, celebrated on October 31st, is wrong. It is possible and simple to assemble improvised female Halloween costumes. We’ve prepared a guide for you on the subject, with 15 photos to inspire you!

How to dress to go to a Halloween party?

If you don’t want to invest in buying or renting a costume, don’t worry. Take a good look at their black, red, purple and burgundy outfits. These shades are part of the somber mood, which is usually accompanied by something sensual, such as the neckline, transparency and cutouts. Make up your best and, if you want, buy cheap accessories to finish off your look. Capes, hats and horns are on the list.


The most traditional Halloween costume is that of a witch. To assemble it, separate the black pieces and wear different combinations until you find one that mixes dark air with a certain amount of sensuality. Overlays are welcome and it’s also worth adding splashes of purple and burgundy. The pointed hat finishes off the production and can even be made with cardboard, but its absence is not a problem. Here are just a few ideas:

improvised female halloween costumes

(Photo: @patriciavitorradialista/Instagram/Reproduction)

Here’s your chance to make your wardrobe more versatile! Mixing pieces of different textures creates a little black with a Halloween face. Makeup with purple lipstick and black smoky eyes completes the look with style.

improvised female halloween costumes

(Photo: @barbara.monteiro1/Instagram/Reproduction)

Did you buy a long black dress for a specific party and never wear it again? This is the chance to show it again. Combine with heavy makeup and witch hat. Ready!

improvised female halloween costumes

(Photo: @silmara_juh/Instagram/Reproduction)

The photo above is proof that a witch costume doesn’t necessarily need a hat. Black clothes and makeup with mouth and eyes in dark tones set the tone for the party.

improvised female halloween costumes

(Photo: @sarafreitasjp/Instagram/Reproduction)

Lingerie-style bodysuit – with the sensuality of lace – and fishnet tights draw attention in the proposal above.

Improvised Women’s Halloween Costumes: Vampire

It’s time for the little vampires. Black and red predominate in the costumes, which can be composed by the pieces you already have at home. A piece of black fabric can be turned into a cover, making the production even more stylized. Take care of makeup, because it is usually the big difference. Note the details of the suggestions below:

improvised female halloween costumes

(Photo: @daaimelo/Instagram/Reproduction)

The look above has black pieces: sensual body, short skirt, fishnet tights and boots. The cover comes in a burgundy tone.

improvised female halloween costumes

(Photo: @genisamarah/Instagram/Reproduction)

Do you have a red dress? It’s time to use it! Complement the fantasy with white powder on the face, red lipstick and a bloodstained effect.

improvised female halloween costumes

(Photo: @thegodet/Instagram/Reproduction)

Long coat, pantaloons and shirt with tie at the collar. See how easy it is to assemble improvised female Halloween costumes?

mummy, skeleton and devil

Let’s go with the dark Halloween style. Other easy-to-compose alternatives are mummy, devil and skeleton. Get inspired:

improvised female halloween costumes

(Photo: @amorimrhaiza/Instagram/Reproduction)

Wear a short white skirt and top. Now, take a crepe bandage roll you can find at any drugstore and wrap it around some parts of your body. You can even make red accents with paint to look like drained blood.

improvised female halloween costumes

(Photo: @keeiladias/Instagram/Reproduction)

The photo above is another inspiration for lashings with bandage.

improvised female halloween costumes

(Photo: @kamilascofield/Instagram/Reproduction)

If you’re not going to rent or buy a skeleton costume, wear a black look and let the bone effect show for the face, done with black and white paint.

improvised female halloween costumes

(Photo: @brunallopees_/Instagram/Reproduction)

To dress up as a devil, wear a red dress. Horns are cheap and easily found in costume stores.

improvised character costumes

Films, series, comic books and cartoons can serve as inspiration for improvised female Halloween costumes. Note the details of the clothes of the chosen character and try to find something similar in his closet. Check out some stylish suggestions:

improvised female halloween costumes

(Photo: @naiaratheiss/Instagram/Reproduction)

Cruella de Vil is the villain of “101 Dalmatians”. The release of the Disney movie “Cruella” in 2021 made it stand out. The character wears classic black and white clothes. The makeup brings red lipstick and smoky black eyes. If you don’t have a B&W wig, you can bet on proper hair makeup, which washes off.

improvised female halloween costumes

(Photo: @jennifercantora/Instagram/Reproduction)

Maleficent, from “Sleeping Beauty” is another Disney villain who won the homonymous film to tell her story. What best characterizes it are the black horns. The accessory can be found in fancy stores to spice up a little black outfit.

improvised female halloween costumes

(Photo: @jennifercantora/Instagram/Reproduction)

One more Maleficent to serve as inspiration.

improvised female halloween costumes

(Photo: @fantasia.comanapolis/Instagram/Reproduction)

Harleen, whose original name is Harleen Frances Quinzel, is a fictional DC Comics character who often appears as the enemy of Batman. To bring it to life on Halloween, the makeup has white skin with powder, red lipstick, a black heart on one cheek and each eye receives an eye shadow: pink and blue. The hairstyle is the pigtails, in which the hair is parted in half, with a ponytail on each side. Finish with a colorful t-shirt and short shorts.

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