Looks for Christmas 2022: Tips, Photos and more

Looks for Christmas 2019: Tips, Photos and more

With the end of the year and the pleasant atmosphere of the parties coming, we women have already started to plan the looks for Christmas 2019. After all, it’s a special time that calls for a well-thought-out and elegant outfit, right? That’s why the entire Kitbox newsroom got together to separate tips, photos and many Christmas inspirations so you don’t go wrong with your look!

As our founder Laila Santos would say: “At parties you get the perfect opportunity to wear the brightest accessory in your collection and rock!”

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Isn’t that making sense? The traditional Christmas glow is perfect for composing looks! Read on to understand…

Tips for composing looks for Christmas 2019

If you spend Christmas Eve together with the family, one of the tips is to choose something cozy and without heels. You looks for christmas night 2019 comfortable doesn’t stop you from trying all the desserts and enjoying the family. One of the trends for this year are the overalls and pantacourt, check out some inspirations:

Looks for Christmas 2019: Tips, Photos and Inspirations!

If you look for a red or gold christmas look, which are traditional colors for that time, dresses, pants, skirts are great options. If you choose pants or skirts, the top should be neutral for the look to be harmonious.

Looks for Christmas 2019: Tips, Photos and Inspirations!

Some Christmas parties are formal and require a long dress with party accessories. In this case, remember that our Christmas is at the height of the Brazilian summer, so even the long parties they need to be fresh fabrics.

Looks for Christmas 2019: Tips, Photos and Inspirations!

And your Christmas is on the beach? Many families also spend Christmas on the coast and have already joined the New Year. In that case, remember the previous tip: at the height of summer, the coast is usually even hotter, so our tip is to bet on more structured fabric shorts, skirts or tank tops. Flat shoes and sandals are great allies for Christmas looks.


Looks for Christmas 2019: Tips, Photos and Inspirations!

Our last tip to compose the look, it’s time to go to the company’s Christmas party. In this case, choose something more discreet but don’t leave elegance and style aside. If you choose a dress, as it is the most worn outfit at this time of year, so be careful with the length and transparency on the desktop.

Looks for Christmas 2019: Tips, Photos and Inspirations!

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Accessories for Christmas Looks

Even if your look is more discreet and focused on the comfortable, you can rock when choosing accessories. Jewelry designer Laila Santos gives a tip:

“Emeralds and tourmaline are favorite stones for Christmas. But you can also wear ruby ​​(red) which is the characteristic color stone of that time, if the clothes are not red.”

Looks for Christmas 2019: Tips, Photos and Inspirations!Kitbox Club accessories inspired by Christmas

drop necklaces, ear cuff earrings and riviera bracelets are our best sellers for the holidays, because of the shine of the zirconia and the elegance of the colored stones. Click on the banner below and check it out!

Where to buy semi party jewelry

I hope you enjoyed our Christmas 2019 look tips? Enjoy and share with me in the comments: Have you prepared your special outfit for the parties?

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