June Party Costume Ideas: Famous Hillbilly Clothes

redneck paula fernandes

June Party Costume Ideas: Famous Hillbilly Clothes

you can make a June party costume with clothes you have at home, as we talked about in another article that you can see in women’s clothes to go to the June party, in it you will see that with things you have at home you can create a really cool look to go to the June party . The first step is to see what you have in your wardrobe and try to customize a dress or if it’s for men, pants and shirt, children’s party clothes you can also improvise.

But if on the other hand you want to make a brand new outfit, want a typical outfit, want to dress up in character, you can be inspired by the famous to get inspired and have ideas for costumes for the June party inspired by the redneck clothes of the famous.

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We are giving an update on this article and posting some more beautiful pictures so you can be even more inspired. There are all kinds of dresses, beautiful rednecks, wedding dresses and everything. I’m sure that from now on you can be inspired to make a beautiful dress to shine at the party. To complement the look, make a beautiful makeup and hair with a hairstyle that is also suitable for the party. Very typical of the countryside!

Tips to compose looks for the June party

-Take advantage of what you already have in your wardrobe and create a look for the June party – Accessories: scarves, boots, socks (black or with patterns like plaid), bows and ribbons in your hair, suspenders, hat. -In hair: Ponytails, pigtails, braids, many ribbons, bows and colors! – Makeup: pink cheek, blemishes on the cheeks made with pencil, a lot of mascara on the eyelashes, pink or red lipstick.

Typical women’s costumes for the June party: Country clothes from the famous

redneck paula fernandes Singer Paula Fernandes usually appears in typical June party costume at her shows. And they are so cute, right? redneck-paula-fernandes-inspirescountry-clothes-typical-famous-costume2 I thought Nicole’s country clothes were very cute! famous redneck clothes

The costume that Bruna Marquezine wore for a costume party is also good for a June party. I don’t know what kind of party it was but it’s on. And the others like Joelma, Ana, and Tissi and those in the middle, the other celebrities are also beautiful.

redneck clothes typical of famous costumes

Other famous people prefer to dress up in June party costumes, typical and traditional party clothes, order them to make or buy those little dresses full of frills, cute. Some are charming, others more sensual, and others even more fancy with makeup and typical hair to dance or enjoy the June parties. Each one uses creativity and prints its style.

sangalo redneck clothes

Typical costumes from the famous June party: Sensual clothes

Typical redneck clothes


Ivete Sangalo animated the arraial of Cerveja e Cia block, in Santo Antônio de Jesus, Bahia. Before going on stage, the singer posted a photo on her Twitter and said “today I’ll get married!” Always beautiful and what a beautiful leg, right? Blessed God Veveta!


Junina party clothes of the famous: Improvised costumes for the June party

Some actresses make more elaborate productions, others assemble their own outfits with what they have available: jeans, plaids, boots, flowered dresses and so are characterized to enjoy and have fun at June parties.

June Party Makeup: Look of the famous

In makeup, creativity and variety of colors is intense! Remembering the themes of “farmland”, almost everything in the makeup is allowed as long as the clothing has to do with the chosen theme.

See some examples:

The make-up can be just like the “face” of the country, with the right to painted teeth, it can be with the face of a luxury doll, it can be with those pink cheeks and the freckles painted with a pencil, it can be whatever you want , what matters is that you stay with your style. I hope you enjoyed the article, leave your comment and happy party! 🙂

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