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Is Vampire Diaries ok for 12 year olds?

Is Vampire Diaries ok for 12 year olds?

Is Vampire Diaries ok for 12 year olds?

  1. While The Vampire Diaries is supernatural-themed, the show is a certainly edgier than Twilight.
  2. Violence, drinking and a general disregard for consequence run riff throughout.
  3. It’s not ideal viewing for the younger teenage audience.

furthermore, What age is friends for? I think that this is a great show and is very funny but it is inappropriate at times. I think this would be appropriate for children at the age of 11 or up but if your child is not mature maybe wait for a wee while.

Is Stranger things appropriate for 11 year olds?

The Common Sense experts say the show is fine for kids 13+, while both parents and kids agree the show is appropriate for ages 12+.

Is Stranger things appropriate for a 10 year old?

Stranger Things 4 is rated TV-14 for horror elements and language which means some content may not be suitable for kids under 17.

What is Rick and Morty age rating? The show is rated TV-14, but it really gets that by way of technicality. Some bad language (f-words and s-words, mostly) is bleeped on Cartoon Network’s late-night Adult Swim block of programming, but it’s pretty obvious from the context what those words are.

Is Jane the Virgin appropriate for 12 year olds?

Perfect TV show for 13 year olds. I personally think that this TV show is perfect for 13 year olds and up. The only con side to this age rating is that there is too much hints to sex. Other than that, my kids at home loved it, as I loved it to.

Is Riverdale appropriate for a 13 year old?

Parent reviewers on Common Sense Media agree that the show is ideal for kids aged 13 and up, and there’s a decent chance that you’ll become as addicted to the series as your teenager!

What age is the Simpsons rated?

Generally, The Simpsons receives a TV-PG rating, which may or may not include: mild suggestive dialogue (D), infrequent mild language (L), mild sexual situations (S), or mild violence (V).

Is on my block appropriate for 12 year olds?

“On My Block,” according to Netflix, “may be unsuitable for children ages 14 and under,” which means that the characters it tracks are barely old enough to watch it.

Can a 12 year old watch squid game?

In an emailed statement, a Netflix spokesperson said that “Squid Game” is intended for mature audiences, which means it may not be suitable for ages 17 and under.

What is the age rating for Pretty Little Liars?

I recommend it for 11+. If your child is clued up and okay about all the stuff in here they can probably watch it at 10, and if you are worried your child will get scared or grossed out by the kissing then best to leave it until they are 12 or 13.

Is Dark appropriate for a 13 year old?

Ages 13+ will enjoy Teens should be able to watch this show, and as far as the content rating, it’s nothing ages 13+ haven’t seen before.

Is Sam and Cat inappropriate?

Some parents mistreat their children, not horribly though. Swearing- There is absolutely no swearing!

How old is Cat Valentine in Victorious?

Thor Love and Thunder – The Loop

Cat Valentine
Age: 16-17
Hair Color: Red (dyed) Brown (natural)
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: 1995

What does WAZ mean in Sam and Cat?

Wazz’ is another word for numero uno. It happens when you drink way too much water and then, well, you gotta find a bathroom fast!

Is Sam older than Cat?

Sam is portrayed by Jennette McCurdy.

Sam Puckett
Nickname(s) Sam (by everyone) Mama (by herself) Sam Puckle (by Cat)
Age April 17 (age 17-18)

Does Cat like Goomer?

Goomer is good friends with Cat and they both share the same catchphrase, “Kay Kay”.

Why is Cat Valentine hair red?

However, in a more recent video, she explains that her brother thought she was an intruder when coming home late one night and smashed her head with a vase, resulting in her head bleeding. The blood seeped into her hair and stained it red.

What mental illness does Cat Valentine have?

In Robbie’s song, Robbie’s Big Toe, and on a few other occasions throughout the series, she is said to be bipolar.

Why is Robbie so weird in Victorious?

In the episode, Robbie does not understand why he was referred to as a “ventriloquist”, which either jokingly indicates that Rex has a mind of his own and is not controlled by Robbie at all or (in a more serious matter) that Robbie suffers from schizophrenia, therefore considering Rex a real person.

Why was Drake and Josh Cancelled?

However, in October 2021, it was reported that the revival had been cancelled, as a result of production delays and Bell’s guilty plea to charges of attempted child endangerment. In March 2022, Bell and his wife Janet stated that the reboot show they had pitched would be called Josh & Drake.

How old is Drake Parker?

He is 15 in Season 1, 15-16 in Season 2, 16-17 in Season 3, 17-18 in Season 4, and 19-20 in Merry Christmas Drake and Josh.

Why do Drake and Josh have beef?

They initially clashed back in 2017 after Josh didn’t invite Drake to his wedding. Drake fired some nasty tweets at Josh, which have since been deleted. “When you’re not invited to the wedding the message is clear,” Drake tweeted. “Loyalty is key.

How many girlfriends did Drake Parker have?

Drake has had approximately 74 girlfriends, while Josh has only had Mindy.

What happened to Drake and Megan’s dad?

Dave Parker is the ex-husband of Audrey Parker-Nichols and the biological father of Megan and Drake. Mr. Parker and Audrey got a divorce for an unknown reason and it is unknown when they got a divorce. He never makes an appearance and is never mentioned.

Who’s older Drake or Josh?

His full name is Joshua Michael Nichols. He is one year older than Drake Parker and Craig Ramirez.

Why is Josh Peck no longer friends with Drake Bell?

Though Peck insisted that the two “weren’t that close” to begin with, their feud reached a tipping point when the How I Met Your Father star married Paige O’Brien in 2017 and didn’t invite Bell. “The internet went crazy,” Peck recalled.

Does Drake have a gf?

As of June 2022, Drake is reportedly dating a new woman that was pictured with him in October 2021. Radar Online reported that the singer was serenaded by a Palestinian-Canadian group which was hired for his party by his partner.

What did Drake Bell say to Josh Peck wife?

Back in 2017, just after Josh married his own wife, Paige O’Brien, Drake tweeted, “When you’re not invited to the wedding the message is clear…” and “Loyalty is key. ALWAYS remember where you came from.” He then deleted the tweets. On the BFFs podcast, Josh addressed the Twitter posts for the first time.

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