Is Simply Orange Just Oranges?

Enter Simply Orange. It is indeed just oranges, but boy have those oranges been through hell and back. And here’s the secret formula:

Simply Orange is just that, simply orange. I like it because of what you can’t taste in it. We are so used to all the additives in products that we forget what natural tastes like.

Simply Orange juice is 100% organic juice that is minimally processed to retain as much of its freshness as possible. It has no added sugar, colorings, or preservatives. This brand tastes good because it only uses premium, ‘all season’ oranges sourced from Florida, Brazil, and Mexico.

Simply Orange is a subsidiary of the Coca-Cola Company that deviates from the usual reconstituted formula. Made from 100% real juice, Simply Orange is not-from-concentrate and is free from added sugar, colorings, and other chemical preservatives.

This brand was founded in 2001 by Minute Maid and launched three varieties of Simply Orange in the U.S. The Simply Orange Juice Company is located in Apopka, Florida. Presently, it is a brand of The Coca-Cola Company. Calcium – 2 percent of the daily recommended intake;

The three launch varieties of Simply Orange were Original, Original with Calcium and Grove Made. Simply Orange added a fourth variety in 2004: Country Stand with Calcium. In 2006, the company expanded the “Simply” line with the launch of Simply Lemonade and Simply Limeade.

How many ounces of orange juice is in a bottle?

Simply Orange Juice Nutrition Label. source. This juice has a standard serving size of 8 fluid ounces and contains about 7 servings per bottle. 8 fluid ounces equals 1 cup. With one serving of Simply Orange Juice, you get 23 grams of sugar which is a bit high but not nearly as bad as other juices. Just for comparison, let’s look at Gatorade.

No oxygen means that the juice can’t oxidize and spoil as fast. This would allow them to store the juice for up to 1 year with minimal damage to nutrients.

Simply Orange Juice is not made from concentrate. Juice made from concentrate is a way for companies to increase their profits. Concentration is when they boil the juice until all the water is removed. This significantly drops the volume and the weight of the juice so they can ship it cheaper.

It’s commonly used as a sweetener. It consists of 50% glucose and 50% fructose that are chemically bonded together. So what we can learn from all these types of sugars is that they are ok in moderation. When you start to add artificial sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup is when it starts to become unhealthy.

Simply Orange has not HFCS. So you never have to worry about the potential negative effects. One problem is that the juice is high in calories. 1 cup is 110 calories so if you drink several cups a day, you can spike your calorie intake. This could cause an energy imbalance that leads to weight gain.

Conclusion. The oranges are not genetically modified or genetically engineered. The juice is high in vitamin C and only comes with 110 calories per serving. There’s no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. Overall, It doesn’t seem bad. However, Simply Orange does have a good amount of sugar.

When was Simply Orange made?

The company was founded in 2001 by Minute Maid, launching three varieties of “Simply Orange” in the Northeastern United States. In 2002, it expanded to the Southeastern United States. By 2003, the company had national distribution. The three launch varieties of Simply Orange were Original, Original with Calcium and Grove Made. Simply Orange added a fourth variety in 2004: Country Stand with Calcium .

The company is a major purchaser of Florida oranges for its orange juice, but also imports orange juice from Brazil and Mexico. Simply Orange uses a computer-modeled blending of orange juice sources, intending for the consumer to have a uniform taste year-round.

Simply Orange with Mango and Simply Orange with Pineapple, began shipping to retailers in mid-August 2008. In February 2009, Simply Lemonade with Raspberry began shipping to retailers. In January 2012, Simply Cranberry Cocktail and Simply Lemonade with Mango entered the marketplace. In 2017, the company began shipping Simply Peach …

Advertising. Since 2002, actor Donald Sutherland has been the voice-over spokesman for the Simply brand of juices and juice drinks, in a series of popular television commercials.

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