Is Kenco Better Than Nescafe?


Both Tesco and Waitrose’s own brand instant coffee is as good as it gets. Waitrose scraped the win for its sweetness, but if you don’t like sugar in your coffee then head to Tesco. Kenco should only be bought if you’ve no other choice and only ever drank with milk.

I tried the Nescafe Azera when Asda first had it in stock and were selling the 60g tins for £1 and it was good for instant but nothing like as good as proper coffee. I do buy instant though to make milkshakes which I adore, so there’s always Nescafe Cap Colombie in the cupboard in an airtight container.

The only thing that tastes like fresh coffee is fresh coffee. But Starbucks VIA is ok, so is Nescafe Azera. not that I would buy Starbucks myself, i tried it when they had a sample taste at work. I tried Azera at a friends place.

Nescafé wins in four of the five top BrandIndex categories: Buzz, Consideration, Current Customer and Value. Nescafé’s lead is particularly strong in the Consideration category (i.e. how many people will consider purchasing the brand’s products) and in the related category Current Customer.

Why do you need to stir coffee?

The reason for this is that overly hot water will scald the coffee granules and give it a more bitter taste. Make sure you stir so that the coffee is properly mixed with the water.

Co-op has one of only two Fairtrade-certified instant coffees on test. It’s one of the priciest, too, so you’d hope it comes near the top of the table. Join Which? to unlock the result of our test.

As instant coffee really is just dehydrated espresso , you can theoretically make any coffee-based drink you desire by simply rehydrating a teaspoon or two of instant coffee with a small amount of hot water.

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