Is It Possible To Get Ripped After 50?

Trying to get ripped at your age with low intensity exercises and diet is next to impossible. Getting ripped technically involves packing on considerable muscle mass and subjecting it to rigorous interval training sessions in order to burn extra fat (however minimal it is). At 60, metabolism is slow hence muscle recovery and muscle growth is slow.

If the “20s (age)” tag is correct, a) you’re are definitionally not old and b) you have A LOT of time – conservatively 50 years! Depending on what your definition of “ripped” is, your age, your body composition, and overwhelmingly your genes, it may be very difficult or impossible to achieve the reality of being “ripped.” You

Being ripped is a matter of having a low body fat percentage. High sets with high reps is the key. For example, do five sets of an exercise with 20-repetitions before you move onto your next exercise. This will increase your heart rate which in turn burns fat.

Tony says it is very possible to get into the best shape of your life if you’re over fifty and spent most of those years being inactive and out of shape. But, if you were an Olympic track athlete back in the day, the answer is “No way.” He says, maybe a better goal is to be in great shape, healthy, and very active after fifty.

What do you gain from the process of transforming your physique over the age of 50?

What you gain from the process of transforming your physique over the age of 50 is something that you would have never fully appreciated in your youth. After all, guys with ripped abs in their 20’s are a dime a dozen. But when you’re strolling along the beach with a chiseled mid-section in your 50’s you stand out in the crowd.

During this 12 week body transformation, Mike pulverized the last 30 pounds of fat from his physique. But what’s even more impressive is that he stripped away over 30 pounds of fat during the previous year when we began training together and he held it there for several months.

How to get rid of ripped muscles?

Avoid anything with high fructose corn syrup. By doing so, you eliminate a huge portion of the foods that prevent you from getting ripped. Consume protein and from a wide variety of sources. Red meat provides iron which your body utilizes a great deal of when you workout hard, but it is difficult to digest.

For example, if you are running, do not run at the same speed the entire length of your run. Move faster, increase your heart rate, then slow and allow your body to recover, then increase your speed again , then recover.

Consume chicken. It has less fat than red meat, but only 2/3 of the protein per gram provided by red meat. Consume fish. Once again, it does not have the same protein ratio of red meat per gram, but it provides your body with fats and oils crucial to your body’s reparation process. Eat eggs.

Getting ripped at 50 is a matter of discipline. No different than getting ripped at any other age, it requires a great diet, regimented exercise and large quantities of quality rest. Understand, there is a difference between being ripped and being in great shape. If you exercise for your health, you may be in good or great shape.

Ripped is fat-less. Cycle your heart rate. Aerobic exercise means sustained movement. However, it does not mean sustained heart rate. To cycle your heart rate up and down increase and decrease the speed of your exercise. For example, if you are running, do not run at the same speed the entire length of your run.

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