Is Daisy Cottage Cheese Small Or Large-Curd?


Additionally, the container will usually indicate that the cottage cheese is either small curd or large curd. You may have wondered what the heck does small curd and large curd mean, anyway?

Daisy Pure & Natural® 4% Cottage Cheese is Daisy’s classic, rich and creamy taste that defines cottage cheese as it should be. Daisy Cottage Cheese 2% is light & creamy cottage cheese with all the taste and less guilt. Spread on crackers or a toasted English muffin and top with your favorite jam.

Second, there’s more than one kind of cottage cheese out there. If you peruse the labels at the grocery store, you’ll see that it comes in different fat percentages (skim, 2%, 4%, etc.), different wetnesses (dry vs. wet), different curd sizes (small vs. large), and other confusing variations.

However, rennet is not always used or required to curled milk in order to create cottage cheese. The difference between small and large curd cottage cheese is that large curd is made from rennet, while small curd is not.

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