Is Crispix Cereal Rice Or Corn?


Kellogg’s CRISPIX cereal is made from tasty corn & toasted rice. Great in-the bowl or as a snack for all of your entertaining occasions. Visit for Crispix snacking recipe mix ideas today!

When it comes to snacks, Crispix Mix® Original is a sure-fire crowd pleaser. Greet your day with a scrumptious bowl of Kellogg’s® Crispix® Cereal. It features the puffy crispiness of rice on one side and the satisfying crunch of corn on the other.

As any Crispix muncher will quickly find out, the comparisons to be drawn between this cereal and Chex Mix are many, as the dual sides of the hexagons are essentially just pieces of Rice Chex and Corn Chex haphazardly stuck together through some miracle of food science. Or maybe just Elmer’s Glue.

Crispix Krispies cereal is a crunchy cereal made with the delicious combination of naturally sweet corn on one side and toasted rice on the other. Milk flows right through every criss-crossed cereal piece so it stays crunchy and tasty right to the end of the bowl. Customer Questions & Answers See questions and answers

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