Instagram shopping: 9 little stores you need to follow

Online Shops (Photo: Reproduction)

Instagram shopping: 9 little stores you need to follow – Vogue

Online Shops (Photo: Reproduction)

Online Shops (Photo: Reproduction)

Thrift stores and “Instagram” stores have been gaining more and more space in recent years. After all, with the ease of social networking – which is not paid -, brands stop spending on renting physical space and domains on websites.

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The plurality of tastes makes each online shop create a unique identity, without pressure and against the fast-fashion giants.

To get to know this side of the online market better, we interviewed nine Instagram stores you need to know about:


Founded and run by Ana Cristina Agra, a SRI CLOTHING he was born four years ago and has had a physical store in Leblon, in Rio de Janeiro for one year. With a futuristic aesthetic – shine, plastic, transparencies and the like -, the brand’s differential, in addition to the pieces, is “being open to propose new things and involving non-standard people, more ‘people like us'”, he says. Ana. “A project we have at the moment is also the launch of a line plus size“.

And about the advantages and disadvantages of selling online, Ana says: “the reach is much greater than what we would be able to achieve if our expansion were only physical. We have clients from all over Brazil who identify with our proposal and this is very gratifying” . But, on the other hand, “many orders are stolen or are not delivered on time”, he says.

Sri Clothing (Photo: Reproduction)

Sri Clothing (Photo: Reproduction)

YELLOW FACTORYDeborah of the Angels is the founder, creative director, photographer and takes care of all sectors of the Yellow Factory. The shoe brand, which arose from Débora’s desire to produce different pieces for a small target audience, exists since 2014 and has been growing ever since (the brand already has more than 75 thousand followers on Instagram).

“YF always seeks to bring something different from the current market. People began to identify with this and have believed in our work”, he says.

Making your own hours, for Débora, is the best part of selling only online. The number of messages, emails and directs is the hardest part, since, with the growing demand, it is very difficult to answer all your customers in real time.Yellow Factory Shoes (Photo: Reproduction)Yellow Factory Shoes (Photo: Reproduction)SALOON 33Born from the desire to have clothes inspired by bands, the Saloon 33 launched its first collection in 2015 and, today, under the command of Marta Mandelli, Stephanie Guardia and Fabrizia De Toni, shows that he’s not in the game just for fashion: “we support some authorial bands too, such as BBGG, Deb & The Mentals, Iggy D., among others, and we brought to Brazil the film about the life of Johnny Thunders, with a lecture by the director Danny Garcia. We are also on a project to translate a biographical book about a trans artist”, he completes.

“We are concerned with conscious consumption and social responsibility. We have a donation project aimed at recycling parts that are no longer used and that can make a difference in the lives of other people”, he adds.

About selling online, Marta says that one of the biggest disadvantages is the customer not being able to try the item – a common factor among all the small Instagram stores: “even if they offer free exchange and return shipping, they often don’t buy”.Saloon 33 (Photo: Reproduction)Saloon 33 (Photo: Reproduction)I CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUTof friends gracielle vieira and Mannoela Melo, a I can not live without he has only three years to live, but he already has nearly 90,000 followers on Instagram. Focused on jeans and others basics, the pieces are vegan and sold at super affordable prices.

“The creation is designed for all bodies. Pieces are developed that are molded in the considered sizes 34 to 52, from PP to EEG”, summarizes Gracielle.

In addition, whoever stars in the brand’s editorials is not necessarily a professional model: “in the media, various beauties are exposed, seeking identification through representation”, he completes. The fact of not having a “live” relationship with the customer is the biggest challenge of the brand. “Not having direct contact with the client makes it a little difficult for the NVS public to know”, he ponders.Não Vivo Sem (Photo: Reproduction)Não Vivo Sem (Photo: Reproduction)POPPI RETAIL storeTHE Poppi’s thrift store appeared three years and a few months ago, when Bianca Poppi he decided to leave his parents’ house and practice letting go of his wardrobe. Juliano Santana, an architecture student and friend of Bianca, joined the online garimpo three months ago and, together, they play the brand’s visual identity, which has several vintage pieces and t-shirts made in-house.

“We build our identity through the way we dress. We love to play with the issue of standard, with what is not exclusively beautiful and perfect, and also with the issue of freedom to use what you want, regardless of the rules of genre, for example”, summarizes Bianca.

Regarding the disadvantages of selling online, Bianca says that it is difficult to establish closer ties between the brand and the customer. “Sales are not so immediate, so giving up is greater than a sale in physical space”, he completes.Poppi thrift store (Photo: Reproduction)Poppi thrift store (Photo: Reproduction)


The couple Rodolfo Zanutto and Emerson Louiz, both trained in fashion and passionate about mining, created the Right Thrift Store Game at the end of 2016 and, even with a few months to live, he has already reached almost four thousand followers on his Instagram.

The aesthetic, well determined by the duo, follows a retro-sports line, in addition to vintage-style wish pieces such as bathing suits, visors, sunglasses and cool fanny packs. “The idea was never to sell right away what we found. We wanted to go further, to explore a new lifestyle by hand-selecting each item”, recall the entrepreneurs.

For now, the thrift store delivers only in the city of São Paulo, but the future idea is to ship goods throughout Brazil. “We are now finalizing our winter collection and we hope our followers enjoy it as much as the summer.” Good thing comes around!

Right Thrift Store Game (Photo: Reproduction)

Right Thrift Store Game (Photo: Reproduction)


Passionate about good mining, Paula Silberfarb play alone the The Vintage Closet, perfect online thrift store for those who like denim and oversized coats with a vintage feel. “I love working with niches and I think this is empowering the minority”, he defends.

About selling online, Paula believes that it is possible to give more scope to creation and be more daring than in a physical space. “In addition to selling the product, we can use social media to create content and desire in people,” he says.

The Vintage Closet (Photo: Reproduction)

The Vintage Closet (Photo: Reproduction)


With a design beyond original, the Artery was founded in 2013 by friends Elene Veguin and Julia Sentelhas, after feeling a gap in the national handbag market, dominated by it-bags and their timid variations. “We do not work with collections. We develop pieces with timeless design and which are mostly made of leather, so that they will last”, says Elene.

“We created it thinking about people using it, not a specific genre (…) we also have a model called piedra, which has part of the sale collected with the profits reverted to Fundação Abrinq”, points out. Good!

At the end of February, the duo opened their own showroom in Pinheiros (SP), to meet the needs of buyers who do not buy without seeing the product live.

Arteria BR (Photo: Reproduction)

Arteria BR (Photo: Reproduction)


It was after living in Buenos Aires and diving headlong into the city’s vintage mines that, in 2012, Deborah Virginio decided to give life to Santa Engajadinha, online thrift store created, at first, with her friend and costume designer Dandara Selenti – who, after a while, moved to Switzerland. Today, Débora has a single employee, responsible for administration, customer service and online (the thrift store also has a physical space at Rua Augusta, 2203, in São Paulo).

Empowerment, for Débora, goes beyond valuing cultural diversity and biotypes. “The economic factor is crucial. Without accessibility in terms of the value of the pieces, it is not possible to reach minorities, especially the lower classes”, he says.

For Santa (as well as for many shops in this article), the biggest obstacle when selling online comes from the Post Office – both because of the loss and the high fees charged for shipping.

Santa Engajadinha thrift store (Photo: Reproduction)

Santa Engajadinha thrift store (Photo: Reproduction)

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