Ideas to increase sales in a clothing store

Ideas to increase sales in a clothing store

Ideas to increase sales in a clothing store

Are you the type of reseller who is always looking for new ideas to increase sales? Do you want to leverage the business and for that, do you not measure efforts or creativity to captivate your customers and bring attractive products to your audience?

We know how the women’s fashion segment is fierce and competitive. If you’ve come to this article, it’s because you want to expand your store and sell more and with more quality, right?

So get ready! In this post, we’re going to bring you amazing tips to increase sales at the women’s clothing store you run!

Check everything below and good sales!

Increasing sales: essential for your clothing retail business

It is clear that investing in a good commercial location, purchasing very high quality clothes and making use of digital marketing, Instagram and social media strategies are important factors to optimize sales.

However, these are not the only possibilities. As the women’s fashion market is one of the most attractive and relevant, expanding rapidly, we cannot deny that it is also one of the most competitive.

Therefore, it is necessary, above all, to stand out from the competition to consolidate in the segment and attract more customers, retaining them and increasing sales.

Some expert tips can help you a lot to increase sales of your women’s clothing store, just that you can adapt to your reality, and of course, put into practice.

Here are some really cool suggestions and ideas for you to sell more in your women’s clothing store:

Have your brand positioning well defined

What do people think about your store or associate with your brand? How would you like your store to be remembered?

It is important that, first of all, you have a well-defined plan in relation to the positioning of your brand. What values ​​and purposes? What are the highlights of your store for your customers? Think about it and position yourself!

For example, try to find answers to the following questions:

  • Who is your target audience down to the smallest detail?
  • What pains does your product solve and what pleasures does it provide?
  • What is your brand’s value proposition and attributes?
  • What are your differences in relation to the competition?
  • How do you want your brand to be recognized?

Source: Neil Patel – LINK.

One tip is to follow the example of famous brands. Coca-Cola is one of the forerunners to position itself as an experience and not just a product (soda). After all, it is positioned as something pleasurable, based on simplicity and how this brings us good feelings.

Just like Starbucks and so many other brands! So be inspired by these examples and many others.

Always fancy the window

Going from a more subjective idea to something more visible, the store window can always yield good results, as long as it is used optimally.

Set a point of interest in the window to catch people’s attention when viewing the store. If you notice that sales have not leveraged in recent times, remember to change the position pieces.

Highlight in the window what is best and most attractive in the store.

Be a sales consultant and bring solutions to customers

As simple as it may seem, it is still common today to find sellers who, instead of contributing to the best customer experience in the store, simply “ignore” and just “sell” the product.

If you have a seasonal release available, try to understand how that piece can contribute to the client’s look and daily life. Read and study about it to find solutions when the customer enters the store looking for some item of clothing.

In this way, in addition to having more artifices and arguments to relate more closely, you will be able to captivate the client with fashion and looks tips.

You know when we go into a store looking for a pair of shorts, but the salesperson is so nice and gives us so many options with suggestions that we also end up taking a bodysuit, jeans and a coat?

So, this happens because she doesn’t just sell clothes, but because she is a fashion consultant and has tailor-made solutions for each client. Take the opportunity! If you have other salespeople in your store, invest in training.

Identify your audience

In any college, course or lecture that deals with sales and marketing, a relevant and very common point that is always addressed: you need to identify your audience and get to know them.

It is a crucial factor, after all, knowing what your customers are looking for, what their pains are and what solutions you can offer, it is possible to organize your sales strategies and leverage your business.

Decoration, space, organization and cleaning of the store

It may be basic, but it doesn’t hurt to remember that both the clothing store’s decor, as well as the space, the organization of the pieces and, of course, the store’s cleaning, contribute a lot to sales and to the customer’s experience.

Who has never been enchanted by an establishment, be it a clothing store or a cafeteria, due to its tasteful decor?

By the way, remember that in the topic above I talked about identifying the audience? So, knowing your customers, you’ll know if you’ll adopt a bolder or more traditional decor.

The correct use of colors can encourage your customer to buy. Look for references, create a warm and pleasant environment to welcome your customers and see your sales increase.

Hand out shopping vouchers

Coupons with discounted amounts for purchases are a great idea to increase sales. Distribute it strategically and watch the magic happen. Your client will likely want to use the voucher and not lose it. And if you distribute it to people who are not yet customers, the chance of them going to the store and buying something is also high.

Therefore, whenever possible, bet on this incredible strategy capable of further optimizing sales in your women’s clothing store.

Make combos/clothes packs

Just put together pieces of clothing that complete each other, like “look of the day”, and sell for a price that is beyond special. Something like “Buy a skirt and take a bodysuit with you”.

Establish a presence on the internet

Do you have a successful Instagram profile? That’s great! Leverage your digital influencer power and post images and videos using the looks you resell.

But, remember that online presence is little more than your profile. If possible, create a website and blog, run campaigns, provide relevant content to your customers. Investing in content marketing in today’s context is one of the most cost-effective strategies in the market to establish digital presence and increase sales.

Interacting with the public on social networks, having a website with its own domain and producing rich content with tips on your blog will help you to relate more and more with the public, think about it.

For this, you can hire a Digital Marketing Agency or take several courses on the Internet (Udemy for example) or hire a team for your store.

Take care of your store’s facade and lighting

How many times have you, who read me there on the other side of the small screen, been enchanted by the facade of a store? This made you enter the place and be dazzled even more by the environment, incredibly welcoming and well-lit.

Both the facade and the well-produced lighting contribute to the store’s visual appearance and certainly lead to a greater willingness to buy.

After all, the customer relates the well-being of being in her store, with the pieces, which become even more attractive.

Have a well-trained team

Even if you work alone and don’t have a team, the idea is to always improve the art of sales service.

Something basic and that many don’t mind is asking the customer’s name. Stepping out of the clothing niche, Starbucks once again serves us as a great example of customer service and well-trained staff.

After all, they write your name on the cup, right? The customer feels important about it, and when he sees his name there, he realizes that it’s not just another one, or another number.

As Fabio Saba, Expert in Academies Management, says:

an academy (could be a clothing store) that treats the customer only as “another one”, it will be just and only, “another” gym for him.

The same thing you need to think for your customer, he/she needs to feel unique.

Do you see the difference in the service?

As we’ve seen throughout this article, there are many ways, ideas and strategies that we can put into practice so that you can sell more clothes in your store.

Now it’s time to get your hands dirty and implement all the ones that make the most sense for your business. Always consider the need for good planning. As a result, your chances of being successful increase considerably.

Now tell us: what ideas do you use in your clothing store to sell more?

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