I cut my hair and regretted it! How to handle the new cut?

woman cutting the hair

I cut my hair and regretted it! How to handle the new cut?

The situation is quite unpleasant (fact!), but some tricks help you to overcome the trauma while the strands don’t grow. See our suggestions.

All Things Hair | May 12th, 2020

woman cutting the hair

A wrong haircut can have a catastrophic effect on our self-esteem. To prevent the problem from happening, there are some tips that you can follow. And it all starts, of course, by choosing a good hairdresser and bringing him photos of the result you want to achieve, so that they can serve as a reference. But if disaster still strikes, all is not lost! Before you go screaming “I cut my hair and I regretted it” around, follow the tricks below.

Okay, the cut wasn’t what you dreamed of. But instead of thinking “I cut my hair and regretted it”, how about looking for other cutting inspirations that are close to your new hair? Look in magazines, on the internet or chat with friends. You may discover a new option that you didn’t even consider before – and that it looks beautiful on you.

It’s not possible, it was too short

pixie cut hair model

You asked the hairdresser to cut only the ends, but you left the salon with less than half the length. Wait a week to see if you adapt to the new cut. If that doesn’t happen, how about investing in an appliqué? From the version of locks held with tic-tac to the appliqué fixed to the root with keratin glue (the result is perfect!), there are options for all hair types, needs and, of course, pockets.

The fringe was too short

Model with short hair and tiara

There’s not much you can do: you’ll have to be creative, girl. We help: bands, bandanas, scarves and tiaras will be your allies until the bangs grow so that they can be shaped with the help of a brush – which can take up to two months. Another option is to overdo the hairstyles: the side twist attached with a hairpin is a charm and the tiara braids are with everything!

hair was armed

short afro hair with volume

Make no mistake, straight cuts don’t help to lower the volume! If the hair has become too armed, the solution may be in a (new) layered cut. There’s no way? Invest in finishers! Women with curly hair can rub mousse on the damp strands and dry with the help of a towel, pressing the strands from the ends to the root.

The solution for wavy strands is to twist them with the strands still damp and loosen them when the strands are dry. The leave-in on damp hair is also an ally for the straight ones that “arm” when they dry naturally. In your day-to-day, opt for shampoo and conditioner suitable for voluminous hair, and use the wide-tooth wooden comb to untangle damp strands and not leave them frizzy, as they neutralize the static electricity in the hair.

Adventure in new hairstyles

Model with straight hair and short haircut with topknot

Going around saying you’re sorry isn’t an excuse to have sloppy locks, okay? A new haircut is the perfect opportunity to learn how to do other hairstyles! Short hair is beautiful mohawk, as well as the frizzy half up.

What’s left is to accept

You can even try shampoos that promise faster hair growth, but you can’t deny it: you’ll have to look in the mirror for a while and accept the new look. Think that hair always grows back, and try not to stress so much. Change is good, believe me! Sometimes all you need is a new haircut to take a chance! Why not?!

Product suggestions

Patience is the main ingredient in waiting for your hair to grow back. And the right products are also good allies in this mission. We suggest the Shampoo Silk Healthy Growth, which helps prevent capillary breakage. Also use the Healthy Growth Silk Conditioner to complete the wash.

Shampoo Silk Healthy Growth

Healthy Growth Silk Conditioner

To finish the threads, we indicate the Bed Head Ego Boost Serum, which helps to seal the strands, leaving them more aligned, soft and disguising the split ends.


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