How to write an Instagram bio that highlights your store

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How to write an Instagram bio that highlights your store

by Alex Vargas Monday, July 5, 2021

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Beforehand, the Instagram biography is a field intended for the bio of a user or company. In the biography, essential account information is entered, such as the name. Therefore, Instagram biography is a field intended for the bio of a user or company.

Social networks are widely used nowadays to share personal or professional information. With that, small spaces are made to create a small summary of us, like the Instagram bio.

Image of a woman looking at an Instagram profile on her smartphone.Instagram bio is a field intended to enter the information of a user or a company.

Today I will talk about this subject. In other words, I’ll explain how to create or write a biography for Instagram that highlights your store and make your Instagram grow in 2021. Want to know more about the bio on Instagram? So keep reading to find out!

Instagram biography, what is it?

Instagram bio is a field intended to enter the information of a user or a company. This information is relevant to describe a profile, however, for businesses, such as Digital Marketing, for example, it can be a good tool.

When I talk about Instagram biography, I mean that space that concentrates all your data at the top of the page.

Instagram’s bio contains the following information:

  • Profile name, whether person or company;
  • Username, starting with an @;
  • Profile picture (the logo );
  • Number of publications;
  • Number of followers;
  • Biography (training, location, service provided, etc.).

How Instagram Bio works

Basically, the Instagram biography works as a first impression of the profile. There is summary information about a user or company. I can say that the Instagram bio works like a calling card.

In other words, a bio is a small space that gathers some of the most important information about you or your business.

For example: an online store needs to have the necessary information for its followers to understand its sales proposition (brand).

Next, I made a list with some information that should appear in your biography as a brand or company. Follow:

  • Brand logo;
  • Website (URL of your online store);
  • Brand name;
  • Occupation area;
  • short description of your business;
  • Physical address (if any);
  • Contact information (phone, email, WhatsApp, etc.);
  • Hashtags related to your products or services;
  • Profiles from other social networks;
  • Certificates, merits and awards.

How to make Instagram bio for store

Now that you know what information your profile bio should have, I’ll give you some tips to build a perfect bio for your store’s profile. Curious? So come with me and I’ll tell you right away.

Tip 1 – expose your interests

Your biography needs to briefly demonstrate the purpose of your account. So it’s important structure a title objective, but at the same time highlight your service or product.

Tip 2 – Your contact information should be highlighted

Speaking of company, to increase the visibility of your business it is important to highlight your store’s contact information. Such as, for example, email, WhatsApp, telephone and other social networks that your company has.

Tip 3 – Insert a link in your bio

Instagram’s bio is the only place on the platform that allows you to include links. However, this function is only available to users who have more than 10,000 followers. So use this benefit to your advantage.

For virtual stores, it is possible to place the e-commerce link, thus facilitating user access.

Tip 4 – Insert CTAs (calls to action) in your bio

CTAS are short calls used in marketing to prompt users to take a certain action. Like for example:

  • “access the website”;
  • “download the e-book”;
  • “register now”.

These calls can increase your store’s traffic or even increase your conversion rate.

Tip 5 – use keywords

Keywords are important to improve the ranking of a website. And for the Instagram biography it’s no different.

When creating a bio, focus on putting words that are related to your business and that can reflect on your customer’s search on Google.

For example, if you sell clothes, use a word structure that has a high search volume.

Customization for bio

Now that you know how to make a complete bio for your profile, I’ll teach you how to customize the bio. Below, I made a list of tips for you to learn how to customize your biography and make it the shape of your business.

1 – Choose a font that identifies you

It is possible to put a different font in the Instagram bio. To do this you can use external tools like Ig Fonts or LingoJam. In this case, just type the text and choose the font you want to insert in your bio.

Tip: Choose fonts that are easy to read and attract attention.

2 – Increase available space for biography

Instagram bio’s character limit is 160. However, you can increase this space and enter all the information you want. For that, use tools like PostBuilder or App4life and increase the content area of ​​your biography.

These tools structure your biography vertically and don’t count spaces as characters — so you won’t exceed the 160 characters provided.

3 – Use emojis

Using emojis is a good strategy for customizing your Instagram biography. After all, this visual feature can captivate users, making your profile more organized and beautiful. What about?

4 – Add links

Instagram biography allows you to insert only one link. However, if you want to insert more than one link, use a tool called Link Tree. Basically, this tool aggregates links and can help you disseminate a set of addresses with more information.

When accessing the Link Tree, you will be able to create a page with the destination of links, allowing users to access all the addresses you selected. Interesting, don’t you think?


Currently, it is no longer a novelty to say that social networks are allies of e-commerce. With this in mind, it will be of great benefit to your business to take you to this type of platform, where you will have many positive results.

Today in this content you learned about Instagram bio and how to write a biography that highlights your store.

To highlight your store’s biography, it is important to place your brand logo; enter the website (URL of your online store) if you have it; brand or company name; place the area of ​​expertise; and also a short description of your business.

Don’t forget to enter your physical address (if any), your contact information (phone, email, WhatsApp, etc.), hashtags related to your products or services and profiles from other social networks. Finally, also insert your certificates, merits and awards in your bio.

Remember to enhance your profile by making a personalized description with interesting and eye-catching fonts, use emojis, increase space for your bio and add more than one link.

I hope you enjoyed this content and that the information helps you create a perfect Instagram biography of your business. If you have any questions, you can leave it in the comments. I’ll wait for you next time.

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