How to set up a women’s clothing store on a shoestring

How to set up a women’s clothing store on a shoestring

From the moment you discover how to set up a women’s clothing store with little money, you have in your hands a great opportunity to undertake so that you don’t have financial problems.

Make no mistake: this process will also require patience with the bureaucracy involved in opening a business and creating good planning. But, done that part, it is possible to create a store that does not require a high investment.

See, in the next topic, what you can do so that your money, even if little, is used well.

Tips on how to set up a women’s clothing store on a shoestring


we are talking about undertake with little money, then you should look for a point of sale that does not have a high rent and presents a good cost-benefit ratio.

Even if the amount charged seems beyond what you were expecting, do a study of the area, in order to see if there is a good flow of people. Unfortunately, a well located property, even if small, may not be so cheap, but if there is a real possibility of generating good sales, the investment becomes worthwhile.


Every women’s clothing store values ​​good decor and good furniture, but none of this has to be expensive!

With “simple touches”, such as the use of flowers in the environment and the right colors on the wall, it is now possible to create something welcoming, not to mention that there is always used furniture that can be reused, especially if the idea is to make the environment more rustic.

In addition, the dressing room does not need to be a booth at first, and there is no need to buy several shelves and mannequins: tables and racks can serve well to display the pieces, in the same way that the dressing room with curtain is already enough for your customers to try the clothes.

Make a price survey, and see which option is best for your reality.


You will be opening a women’s clothing store with little money, so every penny must be used strategically.

In promoting the store, for example, the less money is invested the better, as it is possible to make it “famous” in your city through simple ideas, such as distributing leaflets, sending a gift to local influencers and, of course, A LOT of use of social media.

The result, here, will depend on the creativity existing in the message to be passed: if it really connects with its target audience, any means of communication will have a good effect.


How much will you have to pay for phone and internet per month?

Will I need to hire an employee?

How will your transport and food be?

All these questions must be thought through and answered while still in the planning stage, as this is the only way to know if the available money will be enough to keep the business going until it starts to make a profit.


And, of course: it is extremely important to define the size of your initial stock, considering that you don’t have to start with hundreds of pieces.

Make a list of possible suppliers, but don’t buy them all at once. Study the amount that will be needed so that your store doesn’t look “empty” and, as you make your sales, keep buying more.

Start at a slower pace, even to be able to feel the level of acceptance of people and gain breath to attract more people to your business.

The internet can give you even greater savings

You already know how to set up a women’s clothing store on a shoestring, but if you need even more savings, consider opening an online store as well.

The internet is a great tool when promoting a business, but it also helps those who want to open one without spending too much, and there are many tools you can use to have your dream store. Instagram itself can be your virtual showcase.

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What you should consider, whether setting up a physical, virtual or mixed store, is the pricing of the pieces sold, because, if done in the wrong way, it will be responsible for the lack of profit.

To get to the ideal prices quickly and simply, use the Sales Price Training and Management Worksheet, which we make available for free download on our website.

click here to download, and if you have any doubts, talk to one of our accountants.

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