how to make? Types and tips for adults and children

how to make?  Types and tips for adults and children

how to make? Types and tips for adults and children


To children it was known as the “little bowl”. For adults it became popular as “Justin Bieber cut”. But, the surfer cut got a makeover and came back with everything. Cut for those who want to maintain a surfer, relaxed and versatile look, it is perfect for all hair types.

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To enhance the cut, many men choose to color their hair. Completely beachy style, the lighting of the threads gives a special touch to the cut. If you are thinking about making the cut and want to see models to be inspired. Or you are a professional barber and want to know more about the style. This article is perfect! Here you will find amazing tips and models to learn more about style. Follow up!

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How to make the surfer cut: Features of the cut

The surfer cut has gone through several variations. Style that was originally made for children. Cut at the height of the neck, keeping the median length and the sides cut in the well-known “little bowl” format. It underwent variations and transformations adapting to men.

A striking feature of the cut, the fringe needs to be long. Short bangs do not work for cutting. You need to make it a little longer to complete the look. The signature of the cut, the variation in the fringe and the length dictate the final style. Peaked, short, long, there are different types.

four men with surfer hairstyle

Curly surfer cut

Surfer cut curly or curly hair, this style fits well for a more laid-back look. The surfer-style curly hair requires an eye-length fringe and a lot of spikes. To give the lightness and style that the cut asks for and reduce the volume of the threads. Also, cutting it at the nape of the neck is ideal. See the photo:

man with curly surfer cut

american surfer cut

The American surfer haircut became famous in the heads of celebrities like Jared Padalecki. This cut is versatile, but to do it you need straight and fine hair. In order to have the ideal fall of the strands, it is necessary to raise the ends and keep the bangs a little below the eyes. See photo:

american surfer cut man

Medium and short surfer cut

Cut that goes through all types and sizes of hair. Surfer can be made of medium and short size. In both cases, the fringe remains longer and the length of the hair is peaked. See the photos:

four men with medium and short surfer cut

Surfer cut wavy hair

The wavy male hair also fits perfectly into the cut. Whether made shorter or longer, this type of hair is perfect for styling. Used with beard, giving a modern effect. Or, with a “fringe” to modernize, it should always have the raised touch maintained. See photos:

four men with wavy surfer cut

long surfer cut

Long hair is super on the rise. Men adhered to the style and the surfer cut adapted to it. With a super peaked and “fringe” it offers a touch of lightness to the hair. For this type of cut, the color is a good option. Strand lighting techniques can be applied to employ a beachy look. See the photo:


man with long surfer cut

peaked surfer cut

Peaking is present in all types of this cut. But, this model is even more peaked. Not just the tips, in this type of cut all the hair must be cut. See photo:

man with chopped surfer cut

Side bangs are the special touch that only this cut offers. Peaked and stylish, in the surfer the fringe can be used to strengthen the cut. See images:

Three men in surfer cut with bangs

child surfer cut

The children’s cut gained a touch of modernity. The famous “little bowl” remains in high demand, as every child loves this cut. However, it is possible to modernize the children with longer and more coarse hair. See the two styles:

child with surfer cut

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