How to make? Tips, walkthroughs and 30 photos!


How to make? Tips, walkthroughs and 30 photos!

THE male fringe is as successful as the female. Many people love to show off that volume in front of their hair, which allows for a series of nuances and gives that laid-back touch to the style. And, even better: it suits guys of various styles. To get to know all the models and make them step by step, follow the post!


Taking care of your hair and being aware of trends and the most varied hairstyles is far from being exclusive to women. Men love to keep their hair neat and trendy, with a cut that harmonizes with their features and ensures a great look.

It makes all the difference to keep your hair in a style that pleases and totally upgrades your appearance. From modern to more classic types, there are those that allow many possibilities. This is the case of the male fringe, very traditional and suitable for eclectic boys of all ages and tastes.

bangs-male-highlight-ideasFringe can also become a topknot, here’s a tip!

There’s no more talk about women who don’t like bangs or, even worse, it harms ‘masculinity’. Definitely, there is no way to take these (bad) statements seriously. Haircut doesn’t interfere with any of this and, if you like it and think it’s cool, go for it!

Men’s fringe makes the look beautiful, gives a youthful, modern, cool look and will never go out of style. So it’s a pretty cool option to change!

There are many male fringe models, showing how much this style has changed over time. From a conventional type, even with lights or in the undercut cut, everyone can join without fear, just choose what best suits your taste/personality.

Photos and Models of Male Fringe

We have prepared several tips and photos with men’s fringe models for you to know and define the best one for your style!

Picked up and shredded

Men’s bangs are shaggy and frayed is one of the most popular styles, precisely because it gives a young and totally daring look to any guy. It’s a modern cut and one that will always stand out. Also, it is versatile – everyone likes these options, doesn’t they?

frayed fringe

bangs-male-pulled-pecked bangs frayed male bangs bangs-male-pecked-ideas male-pecked bangs bangs-for-man-pecked pebbled bangs

with undercut

We’ve already said several times here that the undercut is and will be a trend for a long time. The shading and gradient effect, with shaved sides and volume at the top of the hair is well balanced with the bangs, which adds to the look and makes any man more charming and attractive (with a beard, it looks even better!).

how-cut-degreeFringe + undercut + beard!

male haircut with bangs

cut-degree-curly bang-cut gradient cut-male-degrade-with-grange gradient-with-fringe bangs-male gradient

smooth side

Smooth fringe on the side is a classic, simplistic style that doesn’t need major adjustments or details. For those who like to leave their bangs to one side, it’s a good idea, especially because of the ease of combing!


bangs-strands-smooth-side bangs-strand-smooth-and-side fringe-frayed-on-side bangs-smooth-on-side fringe-on-side

Some guys like their bangs really big, covering their eyes. Many, however, classify this style as belonging to the emocore tribe. Well, there are no rules in this case. If it looks good on you, you can join without any problems – and without bothering what others will think!

short straight

A short, straight male fringe is recommended for guys who like light and discreet hairstyles. It’s no hassle, it’s easy to cut and maintain – and it can even be combined with an undercut.

straight-and-short bangsThis style of fringe invaded the catwalks recently


bangs-short-straight short male bangs straight-and-short male bangs straight bangs


Guys with curly hair can also bet on bangs. It’s a way to diversify the look and leave it bare. It may be a little more work to come up with the perfect style, but just be patient and use some products and accessories to make your bangs look pretty. Just like the straight one, it is styled on either side and has several possibilities!

fringe curly

fringe-curly-ideas fringe-of-curly hair male-curly bangs bangs-male-in-curly-hair male-fringe for curly hair

with lights

To add a little extra touch to the fringe, how about doing lights? There are several tones and many ideas. It can be just in front of the hair, in all the strands or in separate locks… It all depends on the result, which will be very interesting and beyond the conventional!

bangs-male-lights-ideasSinger Justin Bieber’s platinum lights drew attention and inspired many guys!bangs-male-with-lightsWith bright highlights at the front and a darker shade at the back of the hair



As you can see, there are plenty of hairstyles to do with the men’s bangs! But what about the ideal side? Right or left?

Well, experts recommend using the right side, especially those who are right-handed. However, exceptions do exist. If you like left styling or any other way, feel free!

How to Cut Male Fringe at Home Step by Step

Can I cut my bangs at home? Yes, the step by step is simple, it just takes a little patience and a lot of preparation. Oh, and don’t forget that your hair needs to be of perfect length and volume for that.

The first thing to do is choose the right style for your look. Search well (in the previous topic, there are many models!). From there, you need a razor, comb, scissors and styling cream to achieve the ideal effect, whether straight, short or frayed.

  • Wash your hair well and comb your bangs forward;
  • Assess the length and use scissors to cut. You can take out volume, keep it straight, or make it diagonal;
  • If you like, use the razor to give it a frayed effect;
  • With the styling cream and the comb (and a blow dryer, if you like), do the hairdo you find convenient;
  • Ready! You can already rock your male bangs!

If you think it’s better (and safer), do this procedure with a qualified professional. Show him the ideal cut and ask questions before starting the process.

To learn more, watch the videos!

THE male fringe is a guarantee of a modern, laid-back and beautiful look for boys of all styles! It’s worth a bet! If you have any questions, leave a comment. Good luck and see you later! πŸ™‚

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