How to create a competitive edge for your clothing store?

How to create a competitive edge for your clothing store?

How to create a competitive edge for your clothing store?

How to create a competitive edge for your clothing store?

With the recent ease of setting up your own business, the number of new entrepreneurs in Brazil grows exponentially.

The emergence of more companies increases competition and it is necessary to develop strategies to create a competitive edge and gain new customers.

The key to your success may lie in your differential. For your business to stand out in the market, it must offer something that the competition does not have, and this will be its competitive advantage.

Your business can be highlighted by the prices, the product mix and even the face-to-face service.

Do you know how to create a competitive edge for your clothing store? Learn in our article today!

What is a competitive edge?

To be able to develop your differential and understand where your project stands out, it is necessary to understand the concept of competitive differential.

In order to identify yours, ask three questions:

Is it what customers want?

When consumers choose your business over your competition, it’s because you offer something they want. The essential thing is not to have years of experience in the market or to be a reference in the field, but rather to give the buyer what he wants to find.

Is it your exclusivity?

In terms of product, always look for something unique, something your customers won’t find anywhere.

Aim for products that will surprise your old customers while attracting new ones. Making your shoppers feel exclusive is a definite variable for your store’s competitive edge.

Is it quantifiable?

When it comes to presenting your differential, language is important. It is not enough to say that the company serves its customers well, it is necessary to demonstrate this with numbers.

It brings more confidence to the consumer to use accurate statistics to quantify their differential.

How to create a competitive edge for a clothing store?

Your store’s competitive edge depends not only on you, but also on what customers are looking for in your business.

A few tips will help you establish your differential. Follow:

Search the competition

To guide your business and help you understand the needs of your consumers, studying the competition is an important step.

List all of your competitors and rate their strengths and weaknesses, what they have to offer, and where they are lacking.

Also try to find out what customers think about these stores.

offer something more

When looking for your store, the customer expects to find good service, quality and a good price. To stand out, you need to offer something more: an exclusive gift for your brand, a treat on the client’s birthday or even e-mails and calls on commemorative dates.

You must always think about how to positively surprise the customer and make them feel special.

have an excellent team

Your team demonstrates your company’s face to customers. The company may have a series of differentials, such as production capacity, brand strength, prices, etc., but perhaps its most exclusive aspect is the service provided to the consumer.

If you work with a good management model in your store and promote a culture of results, it is easier to transform your team into a winning team.

Improve your after-sales

You were able to offer a differential, close the sale… And then what? Focusing on after-sales is an important step to make it clear to the customer that you are aware of their needs.

Request feedback, ask the customer to rate their shopping experience, and show that you remember it. Getting your buyer’s opinion is always a good way to know if your company is on the right track and offering innovation.

renew yourself

Word of mouth marketing is extremely beneficial to business. However, it takes information about your store to the competition, which may end up copying your competitive advantage.

In order not to let the competition suppress your differential, your business must be constantly renewed.

Think of new ways to differentiate yourself and establish new competitive aspects for your clothing store, always focusing on demonstrating to the customer how important they are to your business.

This renewal process becomes much less complex when the company’s marketing sector is well structured.

With a powerful task force coming from this sector, it is possible to explore areas of your store for affirmations, for example.

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