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How to Build – Clothing Store

Sebrae Minas Gerais prepared a booklet with tips and guidelines for opening a clothing store. Find out about the market, leverage actions and put your ideas into practice. Know more!

The clothing store activity is characterized as the retail trade of articles for clothing and accessories. Includes new clothing items of any material, as well as accessories and complements.

The market is directly influenced by the change of seasons, by the trends dictated by the large clothing companies and the media.

Whoever undertakes in the segment needs to be constantly updated on new developments. It is important to seek information in magazines and television programs, read specialized publications, visit industry fairs, among other actions that allow you to discover trends.

This material is part of the series Starting point, from Sebrae Minas Gerais. It is designed to provide essential guidelines for opening a clothing store.

You will find a lot of information, including:

  • Market
  • Legislation
  • technical standards
  • necessary infrastructure
  • Human Resources

With all this information, you will develop an overview of the business and your decisions will be much more accurate and secure.

Download the content and get started now! Success depends on you.

Further Reading Tips

Remember if: Starting and managing a business requires a lot of commitment and a set of skills and knowledge. It is necessary to understand the market, the public and plan the business well. For this, in addition to the materials available in our Digital Library, Sebrae Minas Gerais has a team that is always ready to guide and train.

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