How to Build Casual Looks: Tips, Photos, Clothing, Ideas

how to assemble casual look

How to Build Casual Looks: Tips, Photos, Clothing, Ideas

The first rule about learning to how to assemble casual looks is: never despise a piece of your wardrobe. Fashion is volatile and changes over the years bringing back past trends, sometimes pieces from the closet that you would never think of using again, so it’s worth putting everything away and revisiting the hangers every now and then.

The second rule is even simpler: respect your body. Clothing that is too tight, uncomfortable and high shoes just to look stylish is not fashion, but sacrifice. If the piece doesn’t look good but everyone uses it, it’s not worth it. Take only what feels good and values ​​your body. It’s simple: it fits well, it doesn’t tighten and the length and neckline are not vulgar, it’s your piece to wear at will. And the same piece of clothing can be used for different purposes.

Tips for putting together casual looks for the day

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Looks with jeans – despite being considered a basic piece for the day, you can also go out at night without problems, as long as the top is in accordance with your idea. The purpose of jeans is to always feel casual and comfortable, so if movement is difficult when dressing and sitting and standing up are a sacrifice, don’t take it easy. The mid-waist model is the most comfortable on the market and helps you not to break your stomach in the long run.

What do jeans match? For a work environment, it goes very well with a button-down shirt and sneakers, medium-heeled shoes or sandals, and even short boots in winter fashion or long uppers if the idea is to keep your feet warm. Tank tops with jeans are great for everyday wear and in cotton and with cool prints they take you to any cinema or shopping mall in style.

casual looks

Looks with pencil skirt – super feminine piece, it’s a great tip to go out day or night with dress shirts. The tighter models of blouses are a tip for those who have a slim waist and want to highlight their curves. There’s even the option of the stylish pencil, knit shirt and jacket or mini blazer combination with a pretty basic high heel. So you’re ready for any occasion, from a surprise meeting to a happy hour with friends, just remove the jacket.

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Looks with a mini skirt – some people list the mini skirt as a sensual piece. In fact she is, she has her touch extremely feminine, but super elegant. As long as it is not used in a work environment, it is a super elegant, casual and even chic piece depending on the fabric. The tip is not to abuse the mini length so as not to be vulgar. And how to use? With a T-shirt and sneakers, sneakers and a cotton blouse with fun prints, with a top or smock to compensate for the mini length at the bottom, among other ideas.

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Dressed looks – can you change the look of a dress? Yes! Complementing the look with some accessories such as a wider waist belt, a long necklace and a dress shoe or boot you can create a completely different look for the same piece that has already been used a few times. For a winter look, add style to your winter coat with a dress and high boots and you’re ready for any event both day and night.

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Jacket looks – this is the most beloved winter staple to assemble the look and there are no secrets. Combine with jeans, thick fabric pants or a dress. It is worth both the tone on tone as a differential color of the shirt inside to highlight your piece.

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