How to attract customers to women’s clothing store?

How to attract customers to women’s clothing store? – Life Agency

Attracting customers to a women’s clothing store can be a challenge. However, with the right actions, what you expected to be just a slight increase in profit can turn into a real vending machine.

Do not believe?

See 7 crucial tips on how to attract customers to a women’s clothing store and give it a try!

How to attract customers to a women’s clothing store

1. Create a group on WhatsApp

When it comes to women’s clothing stores, we know that retaining customers can influence – and a lot – to win over others. After all, women tend to share with their friends everything they find interesting.

Therefore, having a WhatsApp group to inform your customers about the news can:

  • to help them buy again;
  • get them to invite their friends to the group;
  • contribute so that your friends get to know your store and also become customers.

First of all, it is necessary to understand that in any social environment there are rules. So, don’t forget to create your own to keep the group together and avoid any situation compromising your store’s image.

It is also worth mentioning that it is essential that you only add people who have requested or authorized entry into the group.

2. Have an awesome Instagram profile

Instagram is one of the most responsible for sales in the following segments:

Therefore, having a profile with branding, content and goals Well laid out is crucial to attract customers to women’s clothing store.


The main actions to have an amazing profile on Instagram are:

  • have one visual communication defined (this includes filters, colors and harmonization);
  • to create content that helps the user to find out what he needs (tips on how to dress, put on shoes and the like);
  • use the geolocation in your favor by marking locations near your store and following people who have checked in to those locations;
  • follow the people who follow your competitors – if they are real profiles, as they may be interested in what you offer.

3. Send direct messages to new followers

Regardless of the social network, sending direct messages to people who have just expressed an interest in your store can be a great strategy to get more customers.

After all, if the follower has already taken one of the most difficult steps – which is to show real interest – it is their responsibility to strengthen this relationship!

An interesting tip is to create Discount coupons for these new members. This type of action encourages the user to make a first purchase, in addition to making them feel special, for having received this benefit.

4. Set up a scene to photograph your products

Surely you’ve already seen a store that publishes photos in a flashy setting.

This doesn’t just include the big productions, with beautiful models, accessories and decoration items. Because all you need is a light, camera and some accessories (ranging from a hanger with a bow to a fur rug) to set up an incredible scene!

It may sound silly, but if you watch, stores that have a more organized setting in their images get a lot more engagement.

So that you can do this action in the best way possible, we selected some beautiful models of backdrops for products. See below.

attract customers to women's clothing stores (3)attract customers to women's clothing stores (3)

attract customers to women's clothing stores (3)

5. Communicate the right way

Many companies don’t care about how they will go. respond to comments. Others don’t even respond.

Also, to look younger and more up-to-date, some stores communicate with their customers in a bold and outgoing way. Even if the client has a different profile.

We don’t know which of these two actions is the most unacceptable. Since lack of communication can drastically affect a store’s sales.

Therefore, establish humanized communication, according to your persona’s interests.

For example, if your client is a little older and values ​​refined products, communicate in a more formal way.

6. Conduct sweepstakes and promotions

If you don’t know how to attract customers to a women’s clothing store, know what to do. product sweepstakes is one of the cheapest ways to achieve this.

However, don’t confuse gaining new followers with selling more. After all, if you don’t have one well-defined strategy and a frequency of high quality posts, people will hardly engage with your content. Soon, you won’t sell anymore.

7. Have a well-defined post frequency

As we saw in the previous topic, not having a well-defined frequency of posts can result in engagement and even in the scope of your publications on the Internet.

However, don’t just think “I will publish on Monday, Wednesday and Friday”. You really need to plan, if possible, in the following way:

  • search the most relevant subjects;
  • define the themes and the dates in advance;
  • produce the parts and the contents necessary;
  • publish on the defined day and time.

tip to increase customersA great free tool tip for the creation of graphic pieces is the canvas. It is worth checking!


As we have seen, increasing sales and attracting more customers is not impossible, but it requires dedication, work and commitment. At first, it may seem that the result is taking a while to appear. But if you persevere and repeat the process for at least three months, it will certainly reap great rewards.

We hope this content will help you boost your sales!

See you soon!

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