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How long is Naruto without filler?

How long is Naruto without filler?

How long is Naruto without filler?

  1. Each of these Ultimate Naruto Kai episodes is about 60 to 90 minutes long.
  2. That means Ultimate Naruto Kai is essentially 72 full-length movies that each have a satisfying beginning, middle, and end—all meaningful story, no filler content.

furthermore, Are Naruto fillers worth it? But there’s always at least one diamond in the rough, throughout the many episodes in both the original series and Naruto Shippudenthere’s a decent handful of filler that isn’t half bad and are definitely worth a watch.

Which anime has the most filler?

Percentage wise bleach has the most fillers, since it has a total of:

  • 366 episodes.
  • 160 filler episodes.

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Why is there so much filler in Naruto? Like many of the anime based on long-running shonen manga series, Naruto has a lot of filler arcs. This is because the anime usually begins before the manga is complete, meaning the series often has to fill time until there’s more of the major plot written to move the story forward.

What percentage of Naruto is filler?

The first part of Naruto consists of 220 episodes, of which 91 are filler episodes (more than 40%). Luckily, most of the “non-canon” episodes pile up in the final stretch, where there are more than 70 in a row, making it quite easy to dodge them.

Is Shippuden worth watching?

The anime Naruto: Shippuden may be perceived as too lengthy. However, it is too valuable and full of artistic worth to be missed out on. The brilliance and skill with which it highlights poignant emotional conflicts and traumas while packed to the brim with well-animated fight scenes are commendable.

Are Naruto fillers important?

You won’t miss anything by skipping all the Naruto filler episodes. The only filler in that large span of fillers I legitimately enjoyed was the very last filler adventure, episodes 216-220. These episodes involved the Konoha and Sand ninjas fighting together and just had some fun fights.

How many hours is Naruto in total?


Title Episodes Total Duration
Naruto 220 ~5060 minutes or 84.3 hours or 3.5 days
Naruto Shippuuden 500 ~11500 minutes or 191.7 hours or 8 days
Boruto next generations (ongoing) 189 ~189 minutes or 72.5 hours or 3 days

Jun 2, 2014

Which anime has most fillers?

Top 10 Anime With Highest Number Of Filler Episodes

  • #1 Detective Conan – 440 filler episodes (out of 1039)
  • #2 Naruto – 294 filler episodes (out of 720)
  • #3 Pokémon – 231 filler episodes (out of 1085)
  • #4 Boruto – 182 filler episodes (out of 245)
  • #5 Bleach – 164 filler episodes (out of 366)

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